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  1. MRDucks2

    Stabilized Spalted Dogwood

    Back into my stash of Dogwood thanks to pschwizz. Handful of stabilized blanks still warm from the oven. Love this wood.
  2. N

    4 lots of pen blanks for sale - non wood (acrylic, ebonite, dimaondcast, kirinite & others)

    Due to a job related change, pen turning can't be lasting pastime for me, and I have stocked up way too much, so selling 4 lots of pen blanks here. Shipping to Germany at no cost, other EU countries EUR 30. I'd like to avoid the customs formalities that shipping to non-EU countries brings if I...
  3. Racer3770


    Thank you for taking the time to check out our new vendor forum on the IAP! My brother and I started making pens in 2013 after our grandfather wanted to try his hand at working on a lathe. The Pensmiths was born when we started experimenting with our own custom blanks. We specialize in quality...
  4. corbybenderart

    Shark Teeth Pen Blanks

    I made several white shark tooth pen blanks using Alumilite resin with blue and white mica powders to color. They are already tubed for Sierra family pens. If you're interested, you can message me here or I also have them up on my site here: Shark Teeth Pen Blanks $20 each, but are on sale...
  5. elkhorn

    Pine Cone Blanks For Sale

    Continuing to clean out the shop! For sale are 3 pine cone pen/project blanks. The first is a blue project (bottle stopper, shaving brush) blank: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Price $8 USD + shipping (US only). The second is a large silver & gold pine cone project blank: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 6". Price...
  6. M

    Earth pen Picasso style.

    I used several layers of paint on this before torching it to create an antique effect. Process:
  7. S

    Major fractures

    I have been casting a while now in purchased silicone molds but yesterday I made 8 blanks in PVC pipe. I'm using poly-resin and love it but I let these cure in the tubes about 8 hours then popped them out. Without exception every ones of them had major fractures. Any clues or hints?
  8. J

    Custom made blanks

    Are there any sites or companies that will make a custom blank for a customer. Something the customer can design?
  9. W

    Dog/Pug Related Pen Blank?

    I've had a request for a Pug related pen, although she said that something with paw prints would suffice. After searching the vast universe of Google and the even better resource that is the IAP ( :biggrin: ), I have absolutely no leads. Has anyone ever encountered a pen blank in this...
  10. cschimmel

    A watch pen for a friends mother. WWII era

    Helbros watch to pen conversion video. Schimmel's Studio - YouTube This is a project I did for a Friend of mine who had this watch. The watch was his mother's fathers watch that he had received in the 50's (he has since past). She had given the watch to her son (my friend) because it did not...
  11. snowb46

    Faux Turquoise

    I found some new fibrous material I wanted to try out on a pen. It's cast in a poly resin. It ended up looking like turquoise I think. The tube was NOT painted...but this was an experiment anyhow. Sorry for the poor pictures. Photography is not my bag.
  12. T

    New Ideas

    I've been making hundreds of wooden pens using slimlines, sierras, cigars, majestics, etc. I am looking to expand my horizons and try more advanced pen blanks/styles. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks:smile:
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