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  1. NT_2112

    Please review and offer feedback regarding threading and tapping issue

    Hi all. This is a great site for a newbie like me, a big thank you to all the members. I'm running into an issue joining a kitless pen cap and a pen body. I made my own mandrel, as shown below. I plan to use it to hold the pen body and pen cap when I shape them on the lathe. I used a...
  2. Woodchipper

    Pen turnng mandrel?

    I have one of the reeeaaaal long ones that I got from Woodcraft several years ago to turn cork fishing rod grips. Didn't know the difference in mandrels. Now I'm turning pens. FWIW, SWMBO keeps asking when I'm going to get a cheap hobby. Is there such a critter? Back on topic. I notice that...
  3. P

    My Slow Speed Drying Rack

    Out of everything I have learned and heard from the MPGS to the Hartville meetings and on the forum people have a slow speed drying rack for finishing Mark James was a excellent piece cheap and affordable. This hit me last night or the day before. As a child i played with KNEX that my...
  4. H

    Question about Mandrel spacers

    I’m fairly new to pen turning. I have a PSI Pen Saver Mandrel and the spacers that come with it are flaring out and getting stuck on the mandrel. The reason for this is I am constantly having to tighten my tail stock in order to keep the wood from slipping or stopping as I begin to turn. My...
  5. M

    Turncrafter - Stopper mandrel?

    Hello all! My 1956 Duro lathe finally gave up and I purchased a Turncrafter Commander. On the old lathe I used a bottle stopper mandrel that screwed onto the threaded spindle, what do I need to purchase for the Commander to turn stoppers as there is no threaded spindle? A 2mt chuck and a stopper...
  6. T

    mt1 - mt2

    I am upgrading my lathe. My current one is mt1drive center. Is it possible to get a mt2 drive center and change the mandrel to a mt2 drive center so I don't have to replace the whole mandrel? To just move the bushing holder to the mt2 drive center. Thanks Terry
  7. D

    HELP!!!--Question about my pen turning--PEN BLANK STOPS!!!

    I have put my pen saver mandrel on, put on the first bushing, next my blank, bushing, blank, then last bushing, and then tightened my tail stock slightly [as my instructions say]. I've tightened the tail stock more [several times] until I cracked my blank. I have my lathe at it's highest...
  8. P

    Vibration near the tailstock.

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start by thanking you all for your collective knowledge. I am a new wood turner and I am having a little difficulty. I got a turncrafter commander lathe. Out of the box the head stock and tail stock did not align center to center. After searching here I was able...
  9. M

    Best B mandrel

    What is a great B mandrel for 2 MT?
  10. T

    A or B Mandrel?

    When I started turning pens (earlier this year), I bought a starter kit from CSUSA. While I still buy most of my supplies from them, I do find I like some of the blanks and Berea kits I see on Arizona Silhouette. Is there any easy means of figuring out if my starter kit contains an "A" or...
  11. E


    Looking for feedback on the different type of mandrels people use to make pens, duck calls, bottle stoppers and other small items.
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