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  1. Woodchipper

    Working with leather

    My wife bought some leather scraps at Hobby Lobby yesterday. She thought the tan and black colors would make a good contrast for a blank. I have looked at some of the threads in the library and want to ask some additional questions. In addition to a contact cement or white glue, has anyone use...
  2. C

    Leather for pen blanks?

    Some of the leather pens shown here have really piqued my interest. Since I've got a leather store nearby (Tandy Leather), it's almost mandatory that I give it a try :biggrin: Tandy has a bunch of different remnant bags for sale. Are there particular leather types I need to buy or avoid...
  3. creativewriting

    Pigskin and Fall!

    I felt inspired by the start of training camps this past week. Pretty soon the cool air will move in and the sound of crashing pads will fill the air. Go Bears!!
  4. jthompson1995

    Something new - Leather Baron

    I've seen some pens made from stacked turned leather but I tried something a little different. I didn't even have to mount this one on the lathe. A Platinum Baron RB wrapped in soft garment leather. It's not necessarily the first pen to catch your eye, but it feels great to write with...
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