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  1. sorcerertd

    Let's talk about ink

    I searched around in the resources, but didn't find anything about ink. If I missed something there, please let me know below. If not, maybe we can put together something for the resources section? There are a few individual threads for specific refill types. I'm mostly interested in the...
  2. P

    Causes and Fixes for Ink Blobs on Ballpoint Type Pen Tips?

    Sometimes ballpoint pens get "blobs" of ink on the ballpoint tips. If you don't notice a blob on your ballpoint pen tip, it can leave a blotch or a smear on your writing, which is annoying. I can wipe them off with a tissue or rub them off on scratch paper. Some pens get them, some do not. You...
  3. P

    The Vertex supreme roller & fountain pen kit

    I was looking at this kit its the Vertex Supreme roller & fountain pen kit from penn state industries and was looking into working on this later in the week when its warmer. The diagram shows the ink pump a rollester ink, also the kit comes with a cartridge that you can stick on their...
  4. S

    Ink Problems while shipping

    I'm new to FPs. Once a pen is finished, tested, and shipped. Is there ever a problem with the ink traveling down the nib while it's bouncing around in the UPS van?
  5. C

    Jr Gents Ink

    Whats the best ink for a Jr Gents Fountain Pen? I recently turned my first Jr Gents fountain pen and put in the cartridge that came with it and its terrible ink. It keeps seizing up, will delay when writing, and seems to be a watery black color. Is this the ink or the nib or me causing these...
  6. W

    News story about FP Ink and how it flows

    I came across this today and thought it might interest those who enjoy using Fountain pens:biggrin:. Just ignore the comments, they must be from NON-Users:eek:!! Enjoy
  7. D

    Pens for Son's Wedding

    My son is getting married in mid-September. Today he asked if I could make 4 white pens for the reception. He would like 2 gel and 2 ink fountain pens. Any suggestions as to style and material?
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