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  1. C

    Painted tubes

    I'm having an issue!!! I took some blanks and wanted to see how different they each looked, having a painted tube in different colors. I painted one half in white and one half in black. I painted both the tubes and the hole drilled through the blank, as I was told the glue will show if you only...
  2. C

    Cracked Acrylic

    I've been having problems turning very hard acrylic blanks. They kept exploding. Finally got a negative rake carbide cutter. I've been able to turn them down, but the last two have ended up cracked right at the bushing. I know I didn't tighten down the 2nd one too hard because because I...
  3. Commander Shepard

    Kit recommendation & how to fix bad plating

    Good day, all, Some time ago, I picked up a pretty nice-looking FP kit (Prokraft's Byron Premium, claimed to be 24 Ct gold plated) and it's been working wonders for me (was used to cheap all-steel nibs), but a short while ago, I noticed that there were pretty noticeable scratches developing on...
  4. A

    May I get some advise for a newbie please?

    Hi, I am new to pen turning and want to buy my first lathe. I am looking at an Excelsior mini. It only comes as the machine. What other parts do I need ie chuck, tailstock, mandrel etc. Also where is the best place to buy? Finally what size tool rest works best, 4” or 6”? Thanks so much for...
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