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  1. Amihai

    A pen I'm quite proud of

    Jr. George rollerball pen. Rhodium and Gold plated, turned from Black & White Ebony. CA finish.
  2. Amihai

    Pen kit plating durability

    Hello all, Due to recent price spikes of many metals, PSI changed most of their Rhodium containing pen kits from Rhodium to Chrome. Because I make mainly high end pens, I'm looking for kits made with precious metals that will also stand the test of time. What are your recommendations? Many...
  3. jrista

    First Fountain Pen - Artisan, Burgundy Gold

    This is my first fountain pen kit. An Artisan Signature, with a Boysenberry Burgundy "stardust" blank. Tubes painted red, to bring out more of the "burgundy" than "boysenberry," which I felt went better with the gold. Interesting kit, as it required filing a notch in the cap for the clip to fit...
  4. R

    Red and white w/ gold

    I wish the clicker and clip were gold but I like the color combo.
  5. ranchonodinero

    7mm Euro 24K gold pen kits from CSUSA and bushings

    Ten 7mm Euro 24k gold pen kits from CS USA with extra tubes and bushings. $25.00 shipped USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal.
  6. cryptolo

    Buckeye Burl Nouveau Sceptre

    This is my Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Black TN and 22kt Gold Rollerball made with stabilized buckeye burl. This is my first high end pen I've made. Other than this I have only made slimline pens. I sanded up to 12,000 grit, used EEE ultra shine, and 6 coats of shellawax. Let me know what you...
  7. K


    First time trying this wood, mostly due to how expensive it is and I really didn't want to have an expensive mess up. This was donated to my father-in-law, who turns bowls, by a gentleman who is allergic to the wood. I was more than happy to take it and give it a try. The wood was very dry and...
  8. F

    Curly Maple Firewood Rescue

    My firewood rescue pile is bigger than my burnable firewood pile. It is driving my wife nuts. So should I continue this practice I ask myself? I am thinking ...... why not. This one was from a huge chunk of Curly Maple. It has that classic chatoyance that I love.
  9. WildcatHollow

    First Attempt at a Desk Set

    Sculpted Series Desk Set Redheart & 24kt Gold A Christmas Present for a friend.
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