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  1. RDHals

    Grumpy Guy Pens

    Grumpy Guy Pens is all about handcrafted writing instruments, or pens, made one at a time. I make other things as well like bottle stoppers and cocktail smokers. Stop by have a look.
  2. E

    First Commission for a Kitless Pen

    This was my first commission, and it was a bear. Lots of failures, blowouts, separations, etc... Well worth the learning though, I have a whole different way of turning now thanks to @Pierre--- . My biggest challenge was the joinery between the acrylics and the aluminum, that is where most of...
  3. Matt8643

    Custom pen from DiamondCast blank

    I just love these DiamondCast blanks. I wish I had more pics but thought I would share. I think my next step is to learn to add metal accent rings/bands on my pens.
  4. Bocote Triton Fountain Pen

    Bocote Triton Fountain Pen

    Triton fountain pen kit in Bocote. CA glue finish
  5. D

    In-depth study on making bespoke pen clips?

    There is a couple of reference guides here and a couple of YouTube vids out on making clips but besides that,I don’t see much. I see Castro has a great vid on turning 50 cal brass into clips but is there a place I can go to learn how to make these things from scratch like cutting and bending...
  6. D

    Triple tap and die set? Group buy?

    So, I want to transition from kit pens to kitless fountain pens. I need triple or double tap and die sets. Turners Warehouse is out of several sizes. Is there another place I’m missing in the states to buy these things? I hear about group buys? Just curious on how these work as well. And is...
  7. Image Sent for Cigar Pen Blank Color

    Image Sent for Cigar Pen Blank Color

    This was the image sent of the fountain pen from a European maker for which I was asked to come up with similar colors for a Cigar pen.
  8. jpford

    Feedback on custom fountain pen

    Hey,fellow turners & craftspersons, I'm looking for creative input. I've been asked to craft a fountain pen as a gift for a husband who is a "writing instrument enthusiast" and owns several high-end Mont Blanc & Omas pens... His passionate areas of interests are National Parks, Photography...
  9. S

    Fountain Pens,Still Remains The favourite Of All

    Pens have always been the favourite of all the potential buyers those who really love to write & penned down their thoughts. Fountain Pens being the favourite of the souls culminates the writers together enriching the lives of the passionate writers.
  10. R

    New Drumstick Pens

    Just finished the second of two drumstick fountain pens that a client requested. These are not turned, but the ends are barely rounded over; just enough to meet the hardware. I lengthened the cap on both in order to accommodate the logo and I lengthened the body on just one of them. The...
  11. T

    Clear cast acrylic scratching

    Question for those of you who have worked with clear cast acrylic. I'm finding that it mars very easily. I made a clear cap and after a few times on and off there is a ring mark on the inside of the cap where it lightly touches the end of the section as the cap is being put on. The end of the...
  12. juteck

    Baystate Blue Baron

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, but here's my latest. It's a Ti Gold Baron fountain pen with 1.5mm nib, dressed in curly maple dyed with Noodler's Baystate Blue fountain pen ink, finished with CA, and knocked back the gloss to a semi-gloss level. The pen is inked, with Baystate...
  13. S

    Pen kit sourcing

    My dad has some walnut that he salvaged from the remodel of his office because do sentimental value. He has asked metro make him a pen/pencil set for I'm out of the salvaged wood. Here is the hard part. He wants a pencil, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen that match. I can only find 3...
  14. C

    Jr Gents Ink

    Whats the best ink for a Jr Gents Fountain Pen? I recently turned my first Jr Gents fountain pen and put in the cartridge that came with it and its terrible ink. It keeps seizing up, will delay when writing, and seems to be a watery black color. Is this the ink or the nib or me causing these...
  15. S

    Disassembling a Snr Gent Pen I assembled backwards

    Hi Folks, I made my first Senior Gent pen last night. The Nib part has a wide and narrow end and like an idiot I inserted the wrong parts into each end! Any clue how I might disassemble the nib section without destroying it? I accept I might destroy the wood, which would be a pity as it's a...
  16. S

    Burr Elm Fountain Pen & a question

    Hi All, Turned my first fountain pen and I'm pretty happy with the results. Burr elm, with the burr voids filled in with gold paint. Sanded back to 400, then waxed. I have a question. I showed this to a friend of mine who writes with a fountain pen and he liked it, but said he'd prefer if the...
  17. hardrockgeorge

    Introduction: No More Orders Til After Christmas

    I made the mistake of starting this hobby before Christmas...lesson learned. I started turning pens about a 6 weeks ago. I watched a lot of youtube, lurked the forums and made a few Harry Potter style magic wands before turning my first pen. I am now 36 pens in and not planning on slowing...
  18. A

    Jr Gent Fountain

    Here is my first Jr Gent fountain pen kit with a CA finish. Let me know what you think good/bad. still kinda new at making pens so looking forward to the feedback.
  19. DrPepper8412

    'Boyna Burl

    Hey all! Took a weekend at home from college, so naturally the first thing I did was ate a big bucket of green chile (the local food of choice in New Mexico):biggrin:, and hopped on the lathe! I was hoping to make a whole bunch of pens, to replenish my stock, but I figured one real nice one...
  20. juteck

    Berea Hardwoods - El Grande specials

    I'm on Berea's email list, and got this yesterday -- thought I'd pass it on for those interested. Several of the El Grande Elite and Streamline kits on sale -- rollerball and fountain, variety of finishes. Currently $5 to $6 prices. Here's the link...
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