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  1. T

    Art Nouveau kitless fountain pen

    My latest attempt has an art nouveau theme, featuring a hand carved copper barrel and cap, with ebonite section. The pen took about two weeks to make and was finished about a week ago, then I spend two days on the box. The leather box has a carved and painted top to match the theme of the...
  2. MikeD

    Engraved White Corian Cigar Pen

    I do a lot of engraving, so I try to keep the pens simple and the engraving detailed. This Cigar Pen is white Corian. the engraving has been filled with black paint.
  3. W

    Create a FLAT surface to engrave names

    Hello, What suggestions can you give me to make a flat surface on a 7mm pen, in order to give me 1 1/2 mm, (1/16") to engrave on a flat surface. Please give me a technical description of how to hold the pen, and how to create the FLAT surface. Tools available: - Lathes, Dremel, Pillar...
  4. Lenny

    Custom Pen Stand made by NewLondon88

    Got my custom stand from Charlie today. I had been looking for something to hold my bigger pens which always wanted to "kick out" of my curved, verticle stands. I have an Art Show this weekend and I think this is going to work very nicely! Thanks Charlie! :smile:
  5. W

    Laser Engraved True Stone

    I made this for a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills Alumni. I have done true stone before with great results, but never used the laser engraver on the finished product. I was amazed at how this turned out, of course that comes from humbly perusing the many incredible pen pictures my...
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