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  1. Woodchipper

    Hot time in the shop!

    I'm making two pens with purple heart and some type of ebony. I'm using the pen mill in my drill press; been doing this for quite a while with no problems. Anyway, the wood starts smoking before I even get close to the blank being turned down to the tube. I checked the Janka scale and note that...
  2. D

    Problems with Ebony Scratches

    I am new to turning pens. I had a couple of ebony blanks from another project and attempted to turn one of them into the body of a fountain pen. I cannot seem to get the scratches out. I have run patiently through all of the grits up to 600, then finished by running through all of the grits of...
  3. Roy_Quast

    Tutorial for a fish scale pen OR how to NEVER blow up a blank while drilling

    I made this tutorial back in 2010 and I put it on Penturner's Paradise. That site has since shut down. A few people have asked me to put it here so... here it is. I would hope that if you read all the way through this thread that you learn 2 things. 1... how to make the fish-scale pen and 2...
  4. R

    Some of my most recent Pens

    Left to Right: 24k Gold Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Cocobolo Gunmetal Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Indian Ebony Antique Brass Celtic Pen with Cocobolo Chrome Presimo Fountain Pen with Genuine Mahogany. I made these for several different orders for a few people. It only took about 3 hours...
  5. N

    First post: platinum Amboyna Euro; platinum closed end Kingwood with Ebony

    The last two pens I made - one last night, the other a week ago: First picture: I got a great deal on 25 Amboyna (non-burl) blanks at Global Wood Source in San Jose - $25! This is the first one of this batch I've turned, and I just took it easy and used a Woodcraft platinum Euro kit. As...
  6. Halfcaff

    Double closed-end amboyna with custom center ring

    I finally tried my hand at an closed end pen but I wanted to go for the double closed-end. This is my first one. I don't have a closed-end mandrel so I had to figure out another way. I went to a local IAP club meeting a couple of weekends ago and I we saw a demo about how to make a closed-end...