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  1. JPMcConnel

    Kitless Fountain Pen in in Red Cumberland Ebonite w/ Black Finials

    Ebonite is a classic material for fountain pens. I decided to make a rather conservative style pen, using red cumberland with black ebonite finials, to see how well it turned out from a color perspective. I liked it so much I have since acquired Japanese cumberland in reddish pink, straw color...
  2. A

    Ebonite question????

    I have been turning ebonite for pens for quite a while. Up until about two months ago, it was mostly Asian (India) ebonite ordered in meter long rods. I’ve read a number of articles and posts about the quality difference between the Asian ebonite and the German ebonite (supposed to be much...
  3. A

    New Ebonite Pen

    I had some of this orange so I thought I would make myself an ebonite pen as I keep selling them off. Chris
  4. rsmith

    Ebonite Majestic

    I needed a nice simple material to "tone down" the kit, this seemed to do the job fairly well, while still having a "nicer" blank to complement the components. Black Ebonite from Exotics (I just love their stuff, and unbelievable service:good:) and Black Ti Majestic. No finish, just MM to leave...
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