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  1. Amihai

    Pen kit plating durability

    Hello all, Due to recent price spikes of many metals, PSI changed most of their Rhodium containing pen kits from Rhodium to Chrome. Because I make mainly high end pens, I'm looking for kits made with precious metals that will also stand the test of time. What are your recommendations? Many...
  2. jrista

    Alternatives to CA finish...something durable?

    I've only been turning pens for a little while. I started last year and turned for about a month, but due to health and lathe issues I didn't really get going again until late May this year. When I first started I used CA glue on most of the pens I made (all slimline). In all honesty, I was...
  3. K

    Pen Hardware Durability Question

    The Wall St. II (Woodcraft) and Sierra (Rockler and others) pen styles offer a "satin" finish option which is located on a large area of the nib. I am wondering if anyone has any information about how durable (or not) this finish is. This plating is located in the area where the user would be...
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