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    Deer antler ring to see if I could do it
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    Deer antler ring. Takes a big antler and determination.
  3. CLMcCoy

    Different finish on Deer Antler

    Hello all, I am wanting to try a finish other than CA on deer antler pens. Anyone have any ideas of what I could use. Thanks all! Christian Edit: I have been getting a very smooth final cut on the last few blanks I have turned. I was thinking that I could possibly skip the CA and go...
  4. Rangertrek

    Pinto Horse Assoc. Auction Pens

    This is my 5th year commission from a master judge with the Pinto Horse Assoc. of America. These pens will be auctioned for their youth riding programs. All are in deer antler, all have laser engraving of various Pinto Associations. One stand is laser engraved, and one is done with uv ink...
  5. bfrazier

    Making the Best of a Blowout

    I was turning out a Lava Bright II blank and as 3 out of ten do... blowout, just as I almost done. This pencil was for my younger son because he likes the nice big 2-mm lead and orange is his favorite color. I didn't have another orange blank so I had to think of something. I had the small cut...
  6. F

    Made Some Antler Rings

    Granted, I could have used the lathe for this project, but opted to use my 1 inch belt sander. I've been wearing these rings for the past 2 months and get a lot of compliments and curious questions. It's a fairly easy project to make. Included a tutorial for those interested: Antler Rings...
  7. F

    My Deer Antler Pen Stand

    It took a little work, but I was able to pick out just the right antler with the right curve and symmetry. Of course, I had to do some shaping with my Dremel and hand sand/polish. Used my belt sander to get the bottom flat. Lots of fun to make! And had to throw in the european mount...
  8. F

    Fire Starter Kit from PSI

    Had a little fun a couple of weekends ago making this fire striker. I used antler for the handle. It also comes with a compass that is mounted on the end of handle (not shown in pic) This kit is a little pricey, but very fun to make with the deer antler.
  9. S

    Deer Antler Tips

    Hello all, I just picked up some deer antler for pen blanks for the first time, but I've never worked with it before so I'm not exactly sure what to expect (other than the smell when turning!) . Any tips for an Antler newbie? Most of my tools as HSS - I assume they will dull quickly on...
  10. C

    Drilling deer antler, and bolt action pen

    I'm new to pen making. I'm sure this idea is here somewhere, but I have not seen it. I made a jig from scrap 1/2 " plywood and a 1/8" bolt. I clamped the plywood to the table on the drill press so that the tip of the drill bit hits the center of the bolt. I then marked both ends of the blank...
  11. Texas Penworks

    Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen

    White Tail Deer Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen with engraved box. My Shop expansion Project: Deer Antler 30 Cal Bolt Action Pens - in 4 Finishes by Kyle Christian — Kickstarter
  12. H

    Lambert Coat of Arms Pen

    This is my first post to this forum. The Lambert Coat of Arms Pen was made for the Lambert Family, commissioned by Duke Lambert (a dear friend) for his father, David. The cap is made from White Tail Deer antler. The body of the pen is a segmented turning made from dyed Japanese Maple...
  13. W

    Deer Antler-Bullet Pen

    I have been putting together a deer antler-bullet pen... This is not a kit... I resized the 30-06 WW II vintage cartridge, drilled it, and also created the deer antler blank etc. I have made several of these and I consider them a tough pen to make... The antler is hard to drill since it is...
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