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  1. Woodchipper

    Woodcraft revolver pen refills

    I bought some kits when on sale a while back. Forgot that they take an odd refill that is very short and no plastic tip as the Parker or Cross refills. I sent an email to WC but thought I could get a quick answer from the forum. Is there a refill that is available outside of WC, as Staples...
  2. SDB777

    Gel ink for slimline....

    Just wondering where to get the best deal on replacement ink refills to fit the Slimline pens from PSI. But I don't want to replace the refill with the standard black ink....I need "GEL" ink refills. So where do you get 'em from? Scott (shameless plug for your favorite vendor) B
  3. N

    Good source for cheap refills?

    Hello, I am looking for blue and black ((fine)) refills - both Cross and Parker. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Nick
  4. mickr

    First constucted cross

    This is my first fumblefingered constructed cross pen..I have been making bowls (segmented 800+ pieces and inlayed) for years..much bigger format..phew these tiny pens are wicked...mahogany and maple
  5. ElMostro

    Cross Pens; Bloodwood and Ivory

    Here are my latest Cross pens. Both are made from "Eugene's Ivory and Bloodwood and both have a CA finish. Thanks for looking. Eugene. The first one is a standard Sierra: The next one is a Gold Jr. Gent. The blodwood was X cut
  6. ElMostro

    Alternative Ivory with Bloodwood Cross

    "Eugene's Ivory" with Bloodwood Cross. I have been working on this design for a while. I finally got it down to where I am happy with the final product. The blank is made from alumilite and the cross is bloodwood. The cross goes all the way through so it is visible from two sides. It is on...
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