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  1. AncientCopperPeoplePens,markison,2018,1200px,2.jpg


    Ancient Copper People Pens
  2. S

    My favorite new pen

    Well I have now turned 4 pens and this last one is my favorite so far. I made the blank using poly resin and mica pigment I had from my nail polish making days. The pen kit is the Legacy Victoria in copper. What do you think?
  3. Jgrden

    Luke's Saber

    For your review and comments. :hammer:
  4. C

    Metal choices for bushings and pen parts?

    Since Online Metals has a coupon code for $20 off shipping, I've decided to pick up a few things for pen turning. ( SCM6B valid 12/20/16 only ) I'd like to get some decent metal for TBC bushings, plus I'd like some stock for making nibs, caps, and bands. I'm new to metal turning, working on...
  5. BangleGuy

    Copper and Cholla

    I finally made it back into the shop tonight and finished a bangle that I had started a month ago. Shees! I will be glad when fall comes so I can let up on the yard work :) This is a women's size 8 copper (wide) and alumilite potted cholla bangle. I finished it using CA and the foam wiper...
  6. EarlD

    Cosmic Copper Comfort

    This is my first picture post here. It's a Comfort in Cosmic Copper (both from PSI). I sanded it through 12,000 with micro mesh. Suggestions will be appreciated. Earl
  7. I

    Cocobolo/30.06 pen

    Just put this one together. Cocobolo with multiple coats of BLO and CA. The grain of the cocobolo is amazing. Topped off with some copper fittings. I've done some other bullet pens using .308 for the top half and some camo blanks for the top half also, but this one is MINE! LOL!
  8. JBCustomPens

    Copper Kits

    Hey everyone, At CSUSA, they have the Copper Jr. Retro on closeout. Anyways, I was thinking, what woods would go good with that? Any at all? I've seen amboyna, and the colors blended a bit too much. What woods would look best with copper? Thanks.
  9. Lenny

    Redwood Burl cigar/lathe drilled

    Here's a cigar pen I made from some of Wolfdancer's Lace Redwood Burl. Thanks again, Rod! Turned between centers and drilled on the lathe. Check out how accurately centered the hole was drilled. Sanded to 1500 wet/dry automotive paper. I used several coats of CA, sometimes adding a BLO wipe...
  10. TomW

    All wound up

    28 Gage copper wire, Charley's resin saver mold, Clear Alumilite and a bright copper Sierra pen. As always, comments are appreciated. Tom
  11. Stick Rounder

    Barron in Copper

    Hello, This is another in what is turning out to be a series of these Barron Pens. I have one more to make with the new batch of metal that arrived. I hope you like this, and please tell how I can improve. Tried some different things with the camera. Even bought a mirror last night. Haven't...
  12. broitblat

    Copper Cast

    I tried my own variation of the copper scrubber cast in white PR This one is assembled with a copper retro (although the colors don't show up well in the photo). Thanks for your thoughts. -Barry
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