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  1. CjG78

    Another cocobolo kitless

    G'day! A customer requested a pen made similar to my last cocobolo kitless, although he suffers from arthritis and needed a specific width and length. I fully sleeved the timber this time, to improve the structural integrity of the cross cut timber, but also to ensure that the nib doesn't dry...
  2. CjG78

    Cross cut Cocobolo Kitless

    G'day! Well, after taking inspiration from a few outstanding turners around the globe, I have made a timber kitless which I am absolutely proud of. The only thing I need to improve on is making the threads triple start, which I am soon sorting. Resin sleeves and section, jowo 1.1 stub nib, bees...
  3. CjG78

    Figured Cocobolo šŸ˜Ž

    G'day! Got a nice piece of cocobolo with some amazing figure recently. Just had to put it on a 22 k gold/ rhodium Majestic. I substituted the kit tubes for larger Statesman tubes, adding quite a bit more length to both cap and barrel to showcase more of this beautiful blank. 8 coats of med CA...
  4. E

    First segmenting attempt

    A very good friend of mine just got engaged so I made him and his fiancĆ©e a set of matched pens as an engagement present. Iā€™ve not attempted any segmenting prior to this and though there are a couple small defects (so small they donā€™t show up in pictures) I learned a lot and am happy enough with...
  5. R

    Some of my most recent Pens

    Left to Right: 24k Gold Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Cocobolo Gunmetal Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Indian Ebony Antique Brass Celtic Pen with Cocobolo Chrome Presimo Fountain Pen with Genuine Mahogany. I made these for several different orders for a few people. It only took about 3 hours...
  6. M

    Cocobolo on Damascus

    This is the fourth knife handle I've made thus far. I have to say that it is my favorite. I'm really happy with the way it came out. I was commissioned to make some knife handles a while back from my girlfriend's father. This is one of them. I will take better photos of all of them later. C&C...
  7. I

    Cocobolo/30.06 pen

    Just put this one together. Cocobolo with multiple coats of BLO and CA. The grain of the cocobolo is amazing. Topped off with some copper fittings. I've done some other bullet pens using .308 for the top half and some camo blanks for the top half also, but this one is MINE! LOL!
  8. Halfcaff

    Cocobolo Humidor

    I had some spare pieces of cocobolo I was trying to find something to do with so I came up with this. I made the frame with the spare pieces and then bought some beautiful cocobolo for the top. It is lined with Spanish cedar. It seals amazingly and holds the perfect 70% humidity for the...
  9. S

    Cocobolo table

    Just wanted to share a pic of the table top for my cocobolo end table. This is before any sanding and prior to glue up of the 3 main boards. Right now it is 18" x 22" but finished it will measure 21" x 25". Other materials will include red oak, leather dye, and india ink. This will match the...
  10. D

    cocobolo Celtic Knot Emperor

    Here is another Celtic knot pen Emperor with cocobolo and Knot cut at 60 degrees. Every body else says 30 degrees but I guess it where you start from LOL
  11. Displaced Canadian


    The acrylic is from Woodcraft and is called cowabunga the wood is cocobolo. The pen is a pen/pencil combo. It has 7 coats of shellac wax. The next one will be a CA finish. Might be a while:befuddled:
  12. CharlestonPenWorks

    Did I get jipped on Cocobolo? Now with pics

    I recently purchased a bulk of "Cocobolo" blanks from a distributor which shall remain un-named at the moment. It was not anyone related to this site, however I did get them through a group buy. As I have been turning them, (used about 10 of the blanks), as I get deeper into the middle of the...
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