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  1. 20201217_105846.jpg


    Caribbean Rosewood cigar pen, mahogany music pen on a Brazilian mahogany cigar ash tray
  2. ranchonodinero

    Berea Hardwood kits: 3 cigar pens, 3 El Grande Rollerball

    3 cigar pen kits 2 in chrome and 1 in pearl silver and 3 el grande rollerball kits. Shipped USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal. $25.00 Last of the kits.
  3. corbybenderart

    My first Banksia pod blank and pen

    I cast my first Banksia pod this week and turned a beautiful cigar pen from it. These pods are really cool. The grain pattern on them is just wild. It's kind of burl-like without really being a burl (I think). Anyone else have a Banksia pod pen they want to show off? I'd be curious to see...
  4. egnald

    Many New Firsts

    Greetings from Nebraska! This is many new "Firsts" for me. 1) This is my first time posting to the forum. 2) This is the first pen I have made using an "Oil Slick" DiamondCast (TM) blank from McKenzie Penworks. 3) This is the first time I have turned Alumilite. Wow compared with Rhino Plastic...
  5. WarEagle90

    Bourbon Pens

    Here are two cigar kits dressed in white oak from a bourbon barrel. Blanks came from a fellow IAP member. Pens were made for a friend to give to her two sons for Christmas. Both are bourbon connoisseurs. These were a joy to turn if you love the smell of bourbon like I do. I saved some of...
  6. Big Ben Cigar Pen

    Big Ben Cigar Pen

    Hybrid Pen blank made from Alumilite Resin, Jacquard Pearl-Ex mica powder and stabilized “worthless” wood
  7. 20473CB0-9D17-4154-8FE2-FCE1AF69CA03.jpeg


    Gift I made for a friend. This is a cattail/resin cigar pen
  8. 9CE2B447-6EEF-471C-A3AC-E726DDD232E8.jpeg


    Gift I made for a friend. This is a cattail/resin cigar pen.
  9. D

    Realistic Cigar Pens

    Here are a couple of my most recent pens using mesquite burl. These are so fun to make.
  10. K

    First Cigar Pen

    I made this one out of Manzanita Burl cast in green resin, which barely comes through in the the 'eyes' of the the burl wood. I really like the shape of this pen. I wasn't sure about the double twist mechanism after reading about the possibility of marking up pockets (turning too far to...
  11. L

    Looking for a well built cigar pen kit

    Most of my pen kits come from Penn State. I'm pleased with the quality of most of them, particularly the Majestic Squire which I love. However, the Cigar Pen kits I purchase from Penn State seem to either feel loose after I assemble them, or squeak a bit, or just don't feel solid. Can...
  12. Dale Parrott

    Six Ring "Celtic Knot"

    This was my second attempt with a six ring. The first ended tragically with a sever case of CA glue disease. The pen was made from northern Indiana mystery wood with a Padauk knot. I was happy with my workmanship but not so happy with the pen. I saw this knot in the wood before I started and...
  13. Culprit

    Cigar Pen Clip Question

    Greetings from Virginia! I never had a lathe until a friend recently gave me a 1955 Shopsmith. I fixed it up, replaced all the bearings and made a few other modifications and am now learning to turn. Pens seemed like an obvious first choice. Here is a picture of 2 of my first 4 pens. They...
  14. W

    Postal Cigar Pen

    Here is one of my favorite pens i have turned. Wrapped in old 3 cent stamps around the barrel with a CA finish.
  15. ldb2000

    Just another cigar pen

    This is my entry for the penmakers challenge that Dennis (Soligen) is running in the advanced penmakers forum . If you haven't checked it out , you should . Make a pen and join in the fun . It is a kitless cigar pen . It's made with some Mesquite and a cigar tube and transmission . I got the...
  16. louie56


  17. louie56


    "WENT FISHING" in my pond caught a koi fish decided to skin it and put it on a Cigar pen. the top portion of the pen was done with Brazilian Cherry wood/lower Koi fish skin Burgundy!!! All comments are welcome !!!:rolleyes:
  18. louie56

    Ultra Cigar Bocote wood Pen

    Here'a a ultra cigar pen from woodpropen Bocote wood from Mexico Comments always welcome! Picture was taken with Droid Phone 5 mp:ghost::bananen_smilies039:
  19. C

    Cigar Pen done In Corians (Juniper)

    Hello all!! This is a cigar pen done in one of corians new colors called (juniper) I am going to try to upload a couple pics one of which will have a couple pieces of the color sitting behind the pen. Thanks for looking. JIM
  20. C

    Simple Cigar PEN

    Simple Cigar Pen No bells and whistles I thought the combination turned out really well so I figured I would see what everyone else thinks. This pen is made from one of Formicas new colors called (Gold Nugget)
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