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  1. Woodchipper

    More finishing?

    I had talked about some problems with a pen mill. Another question arises about finishing. Both blanks have CA on them and the CA came out very good, IMHO. However, I wonder about going a step farther with MM. Your advice is most welcome. TIA. Will wait for your replies before final assembly...
  2. Woodchipper

    Micro Mesh finishing

    I use Titebond CA as a finish. I was told that I should go one step farther and use MM to smooth the CA. I didn't get a chance to ask any more questions as the fellow had phone call. What grit/color of MM? Wet or dry? Thanks.
  3. Woodchipper

    CA problem...maybe

    I'm finishing a cocobolo blank for a pen. I put CA glue on at low speed and a quick shot of accelerator. Eight coats and I looked at the blank. Seems to have radial marks in the CA finish. I don't have a Beal buffing system....good hint for the family at Christmas. Anyway, all I have is Hut high...
  4. Woodchipper

    Lacquer finish?

    I just finished scanning a WWing website and the mention of lacquer finish caught my eye. I would like to add to my finish methods of CA and BLO. Best way to apply? I have seen it in spray cans at Lowe's. Any particular brand that you recommend? Any "tricks" to having a good finish? Thanks in...
  5. Woodchipper

    Recommended finishes for pens

    I have just about emptied a large bottle of Titebond Thin CA glue. I plan on getting some more but want to expand my offering of finishes. I have a bottle of Shellawax but was told it is not a curable finish for pens. There was an article on pen finishes in the AAW magazine where spray-on...
  6. S

    How to add my company logo on Pens

    Hi We turn acrylic pens mostly. I need to add my company logo on the pen I need your support to generate new ideas for placing elegant logo on pens Sreenath Vishnu Kerala-India
  7. Woodchipper

    CA job is lousy!

    I have some pens for troops. I noticed upon inspection that some of the CA finishes are really bad. I had applied it while the lathe was slowly turning. The CA is rough and has spirals in it. :frown: I found a magazine article that said to apply the finish of any kind with the lathe off...
  8. Woodchipper

    Lines in CA finish

    I'm taking a break for two reasons- to let the knees quit screaming and to ask a question. I'm applying Tite Bond Thin CA to a cherry blank. I'm using a paper towel to apply the CA then give it a quick shot of accelerator. I'm noticing that the CA has lines in it like sanding marks. I checked...
  9. theHullTurn

    Place to get CA glue for finish and best type?

    Hi All, Where is a good place to get CA glue? Can't dig up the last place I had ordered from. Any recommendations? Also, what viscosity would be good for mainly finishing but also if I wanted to set tubes with it? Thanks!
  10. O

    My first bolt action with antler

    I turned my first bolt action kit last night and loved it. It was also my first time to turn deer antler. I ran into a couple issues. First, I didn't use accelerator for the CA and it wouldn't set up for me. So, I'll be going to the store soon to get a can of accelerator. Second, the nib...
  11. V

    CA finish over dried BLO or Tung Oil?

    I am pretty new to pen turning. I have been experimenting with some different finishing technique using BLO and CA finish. I have been wanting to move away from it because I am having trouble getting a consistent finish and occasional cloudiness. However I really like the way the oil makes...
  12. G

    Pen Finishes

    I'm new to pen turning and have a lot to learn. The one question I have is when I finish my pen I sand it to 600 and use EEE and than the CA and I last use Novus should that work for a nice finish that will last THANKS for all your help GPJ
  13. J

    CA glue tips

    I'm getting a lot of build-up on the outside of the cone of my satellite ca bottle tip. Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do? At first I just left it, but the cap was bonded so bad this week that when I tried to open it I tore half the tip off inside the cap! Now I have one working...
  14. Z

    Removing excess CA from bushings

    When removing finished blanks from the bushings, I often get raised CA on the edge of the wood. I find sanding can either scratch the part of the finish I want to keep and attempting to shave off with an xacto knife can pull the CA away from the wood. What's the best way to solve/avoid this...
  15. T

    Other Finishing Methods

    Besides CA glue, what kind of finishing does everyone else use? Follow us on facebook ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
  16. Lenny

    Monty/Mannie CA glue service

    I have been buying my CA glue locally in small bottles and decided it was time to purchase it in a more economical size. Having heard about Mannie (member Monty) I decided to place an order with him. I've always had great luck ordering from members here! Placed my order LATE Friday night...
  17. Fester

    Finish dulled in 5 minutes.

    I am very new to pen turning, I have only turned one pen so far, I've got about $100.00 worth of products coming mail order tomorrow.:biggrin: Here's my problem: I turned a Tycoon pen, used purple heart, which after I had the blanks cut and tubes glued in I was told purple heart doesn't...
  18. S

    Cleaning CA glue dispensers

    What can I place a nozzle stopped up with CA into to dissolve the glue? I used to do this, but cannot remember what it was.
  19. W

    CA Glue Failure- Suggestions?

    I am having some issues with failures on tubes glued in using CA glue... I take the tubes and rough them using 120 gift paper (on the lathe) and then put liberal amounts of CA glue on the tube on at least two sides... Turning the tube as it is being inserted to be sure to spread the glue...
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