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  1. Q

    10th Pen on the books: Whitetail Antler

    Figured that jumping into the deep end was worth a try so antler seemed like the right stuff for my 10th pen. Other than the fact that it's like working with granite, it was more forgiving than I expected. Shoutout to @southernclay for the pen kit. Having an issue with a...
  2. Jarred

    First Antler Pen

    Well, I started turning pens about 2 months ago, and I’m up to about 50 now. Quite a lot of fun. I was cleaning out my garage when I rediscovered a shedhorn that I found on a hike a couple of years back. My son made a $1 bet with me that I couldn’t make a pen with it— a surefire way to guarantee...
  3. O

    My first bolt action with antler

    I turned my first bolt action kit last night and loved it. It was also my first time to turn deer antler. I ran into a couple issues. First, I didn't use accelerator for the CA and it wouldn't set up for me. So, I'll be going to the store soon to get a can of accelerator. Second, the nib...
  4. R

    Realtree Camo Pens

    A few recent pens from my Realtree® Camo collection. I really like how the cigar pen turned out with camo on top and antler on the bottom.
  5. F

    Antler Letter Opener or Prison Shank?

    My son and daughter were kidding me that this looked like a prison shank. My first response was how did they know anything about prison shanks -- LOL. Anyway, this is 100% intended to be an antler letter opener. I took a straight antler tine and joined it with a leftover pen blank. Used a 7mm...
  6. R

    I need some help with an idea guys

    Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post this question in but I am looking for some help and know that I would be able to get the best ideas from this forum. My wife is a huge harry potter fan and I mentioned a while back that I would eventually turn her a wand...
  7. Texas Penworks

    Whitetail Deer Antler Bullet Pens

    These are my latest Whitetail Deer Antler Bullet Pens engraved with a Buck Silhoutte.
  8. Texas Penworks

    White Tail Antler Pen & Pencil Desk Set Here's a pic of a White Tail Antler Bullet Pen & Pencil Desk set I mad for a customer this past Christmas. The stand wood is Bubinga.
  9. Texas Penworks

    White Tail Antler & Wood Fountain Pen

    This pen was made from White Tail Deer Antler, Teak & Ebony woods accented with a 24 kt Gold Tycoon Fountain Pen Kit from PSI. It was a little tricky getting the antler ends square but it turned out ok in the end.
  10. yaroslaw

    Turning moose and deer antler, mammoth ivory

    Okay, so as I've passed my 50th pen, I'm looking for some more of natural materials. Yesterday I've got a pair of really BIG moose antlers for $12. And very nice not-so-big pair of deer antlers for $18. Can you imagine that luck?:))) Antler was hunted, which I do not like too much, but animals...
  11. WolfeIslander

    Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Hi ... I'm Hugh MacDonald and my hobby is blacksmithing. However, it got a bit hot this summer (smile) so I took up pen turning and converted the other end of my smithy into a small woodworking shop. I've made about thirty pens now and I've caught the 'bug'. This is fun, relaxing and a great...
  12. splinter99

    Antler El Grande

    Here is an antler platinum El Grande rollerball desk set that I just completed. The base is curly walnut. Finish on the pen is ca comments welcomed, Thanks for looking
  13. P


    I just became the owner of a pair of fresh antlers. What I wanted to know is, do they need to dry out. And if so, how long. Anything else necessary for preparing them for turning? I have read a lot about how to turn antler, but nothing about prepping it. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  14. L

    First pendant

    I got my pendant backer plate last Friday from Sailing_Away and had to give it a go. I need more practice but for a first, I think I was able to understand it. This deer antler with a little Scrimshaw but it's not quite finished. I also need to fine some leather strapping. I can't wait to do...
  15. M

    a couple of antlers

    These are whitetail deer w/ a CA finish on a Comfort kit. Two of them have some bark left on them. They never seem to hang around when I leave a little bit on them so I always make a few.
  16. C

    Herd of Moose

    I scored some very nice moose antler :biggrin:, the lady who I got them from wanted some pens, so I made a few and she bought 4 :wink: the 2 click and 2 Europeans. The European with the Marine emblem went to Seattle to my cousins son who just got back from his second tour of Iraq.
  17. hewunch

    Does Antler Go Bad?

    So a guy gives me some old deer antler today. It is dry and cracked and chalky. Will this still make a pen or is it too far gone? So in other words, if it goes bad, how do you know when you have the bad stuff?
  18. jp_white

    First Cartridge/Antler with Decal

    First attempt at using photoshop to simulate scrimshaw with decal. Slimline kit with .308 cartridge and euro finial. Antler with decal on top. Drilled out cartridge and custom fit wood/tube in the bottom. Picture is terrible.... taken on the hood of the car before I gave this to a friend in...
  19. mobrackett

    Hunter's Pen

    This is the first time I showed any of the pens I have done and need to thank a whole lot of you. I started turning the last of March and my wife and I are having a ball. I have a lot of pens made and ready to show off a little at a time. We are working on our web site, photos and everything...
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