amboyna burl

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  1. CjG78

    Amboyna burl kitless (better pics)

    Got excited last night and posted indoor crappy pics of my pen. These are a bit better, now you can see the true colour of it. I absolutely loved making this. Stabilised amboyna burl, kirinite rioja pearl finials, section and sleeves, black acrylic spacers, natural finish, jowo #6 nib
  2. CjG78

    Amboyna kitless

    G'day I spent most of today making this pen for myself. It is stabilised amboyna with kirinite rioja finials, section and sleeves. Natural polish and a Jowo #6 medium nib. This was a fun project, inspired by some of the kitless makers around the world. Pics are a bit cruddy, was getting dark...
  3. CjG78

    Amboyna Burl

    G'day Recently bought a lovely parcel of stabilised goodies from Aussie timber artisan Peter Southworth. Peter only sells of Facebook and goes by the name 'heartwood woodworkz' This amboyna has loads of character, on a majestic fountain pen with larger tubes used (from a statesman). Ca finish...
  4. Woodchipper

    Problem with amboyna burl blank

    My grandson turned it down for a Wall Street III pen. The color and grain are outstanding! However, it has pits all over it. I have tried using thick CA but it was rough and light sanding didn't help. Acetone made it worse! Most of the CA is off but the pits are now white spots. It is...
  5. jmbaker79

    Ebony and Amboyna Over Under 12g

    Wasn't a huge fan of this kit when I first Saw it on Pen State. Back at the Triangle Pen Show this year I saw one, and thought, well thats actually not bad at all. Came across the Over Under at Exotics, and scooped one up last week in Gun Metal and Rose gold. Note to all...the 9/16" bit that...
  6. jmbaker79

    New Amboyna Carry

    You may have seen last week where I made my first Amboyna for my father, and had promised the next one was mine! Told Ya! Made this guy the other day and have been carrying it for a few days. Carried it around like a egg, being ever so carful not to damage it until I took photos. Rhodium Jr Gent...
  7. T

    Jr Gent I - Amboyna Burl

    Here is one done with Amboyna Burl acquired from another member here (thanks Garrett). The finish came out perfect but the "fit" needs a bit of work. Any advice on how to clean up the ends so they don't show the white bands would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  8. Lenny

    Amboyna Burl Triton

    I made this today .... Amboyna Burl on Triton Components. A rollerball but it will easily convert to a fountain. To bad they don't sell components that include each option. :eek::smile: That'll NEVER happen! :biggrin::wink: Comments and critiques welcome. Thanks for looking! :smile:
  9. C

    Assembling the fountain pen!!PLZ HELP!!

    Hello fellow woodturners. I've been turning pens now for the past year now and I've just recently tried making a fountain pen. Jr. Gentleman to be precise. the pen is completely assembled, I just cant figure out how to get the ink flowing. Sounds crazy I guess, but the directions I pulled up...
  10. Parson

    Amboyna/Malachite Segmented Jr. Statesman

    Sorry for the crappy photography. I just thought I'd show you guys what I've been up to lately. I knocked this out in about three hours... I took a long wedge of malachite truestone and CA'd each side of it with some black plastic sheeting I bought at a modeling shop (used in building...
  11. Lenny

    Video: TBC with a Woodchuck and skew

    Another video, this one showing turning between centers using stock bushings, initially using a Woodchuck Pen Pro ... then finishing off with a skew chisel.
  12. Lenny

    Need help identifying wood blanks

    I recently ordered some pen blanks from Harris Burls (Nolan), and as I explained here ... got more than I expected. While it's a nice problem to have, I'm not sure what some of them are.:redface: :confused::confused: I would greatly...
  13. Halfcaff

    2 Razors: Amboyna and Maple

    These are my first 2 razors. They were a lot of fun to make. The maple burl is for my father-in-law for his birthday. The two-tone amboyna is for me! I have heard that using wood for a razor is risky because of the water. To try to prevent cracking I put about 8 coats of CA on the outside...
  14. Lenny

    Jr. Gent I rollerball

    This is the original Jr. Gent with what has to be my favorite wood, amboyna burl. Comments Good and Bad are welcome. Thanks for looking. :smile:
  15. Lenny

    Amboyna burl Jr.Gent

    My most recent pen, a Black Titanium Jr.Gent II rollerball in Amboyna Burl.
  16. Lenny

    Amboyna burl Tycoon

    My latest pen, a Tycoon rollerball in Amboyna burl. I tried to have more patience with my CA finish this time. I let let it set for a day or so before buffing using the methods/materials mentioned by George (Texatdurango) in a past thread. The black mark on the end cap is only in the photo (I...
  17. G


    We make these from exotic offcuts of Amboyna Burl, Afzelia lay etc, and wondered what you thought? Ranging in size from 2" tall to 20". Comments appreciated
  18. Lenny

    Majestic Jr. fountain

    My first attempt at turning a Majestic Jr. rollerball resulted in a nice pen that wouldn't "post", as the plastic threads got bunged up. So for my second try I decided to do a fountain out of Amboyna burl. =0) It was also my first attempt at adding blo to the finishing process with the CA.
  19. Stick Rounder

    Majestic Amboyna Burl

    Hello! Just finished this for a customer, thought I would share it with all of you before it got away. Please tell me what you think.
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