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  1. M

    How Long Before Cutting?

    I am doing my first block of pen blanks with Alumilite and what is the average time before you guys cut your blanks? The cast works out to cover 4 Slim Lines and 4 Gatsby blanks. I don't want to cut and drill too soon. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Darin68

    Stabilize or not stabilize pine cone

    I want to create some pine cone blanks with Alumilite and was wondering if I should stabilize the pine cone or not. I've seen different threads about this, one saying to definitely stabilize and others saying that it isn't necessary. It looks like the ones that say it isn't necessary are putting...
  3. R

    Wood Honeycomb and Alumilite

    This is a wood "skeleton" in a honeycomb pattern from Kenneth Wines that I cast in Alumilite with purple and silver Pearl-Ex. He normally creates a wood inlay blank, but I had an idea that seems to have turned out well. I have several other patterns from him and will be casting those in the near...
  4. Racer3770

    Giveaway Pen

    I gave this pen away as a promotion for my instagram page (@The_Pensmiths). The Tiny Giant kit pen kit is dressed in one of my alumilite pours. I am really happy with how this one turned out. Thanks for looking! :turtle:
  5. G

    Just made my first hybrid castings. check these out!

    These "turned" out way better than I thought. They are all hybrids with stabilized red box elder (thanks to cactus juice) and alumilite. The blue silver one is clear alumilite with blue dye with blue pearlex and clear alumilite with antique silver pearlex - approximately 80%/20% mix...
  6. Kburr

    Resin Wood Rings with Steel Inserts ♻️

    Alumilite Resin and Wood Rings with Steel Inserts Locally sourced/reclaimed - Cherry burl, Mahogany, Ambrosia❤ We make our own inserts!
  7. Kburr

    Stylus Pens! Olive wood❤

    Olive wood and blue/turquoise alumilite What would you charge for something like this?
  8. Kburr

    First set of blanks & slimlines!

    Cherryburl and alumilite twist pens!
  9. Racer3770

    My First Kitless

    First things first: A huge shout out to MRedburn! I messaged him with several questions and he was incredibly helpful. Thanks again! This is my first attempt at a kitless pen. I made the blank using alumilite and pearl ex powders. The nib is a #6 Jowo stub from Meisternibs. I used a 9MM X...
  10. Racer3770

    The Green Baron - Bash 2017

    This was my entry to the 2017 Birthday Bash Advanced Kit Contest. I casted the blank in alumilite using apple green pearl ex powder. The kit is a baron. I closed both ends but kept the clip by using a tap and die on the top. I cut a tenon and threaded the cap portion to accept the clip, then...
  11. B

    New to casting, what size to make molds?

    I am just starting to get into casting alumilite with and HF pressure pot. My plan is to use 1/2" "plastic" to create molds. Would anyone have any recommendations on what size to make the interior cavity for the most versatility? I am also returning to pen making after about a 15 year...
  12. J

    Alumilite is offering a verterans day discount

    The discount code is USAVETS2016 I was told to spread the word, I expect everyone to honor the intentions behind the discount. This code will be good through midnight 14 NOV.
  13. C

    Casting snake skin

    I am having trouble with casting snake skins. I'm using Alumilite and the casting is clear and turns out good, but for some reason spots on the snake skin are white or foggy looking. I am using CA medium and I was putting the blanks in the casting shortly after. But, later studying I found the...
  14. budnder

    Customized Baron

    I was originally thinking I'd do a Sedona with this, but the cap trim ring on the Sedona just seemed to clash with the pattern of the cholla. I had some extra red Alumilite that I had dumped into a tube when I cast the cholla... So I switched to a Baron and tried to do something just a bit more...
  15. C

    Another Kitless, Alumilite Lava Explosion #03

    Just finished this one up last night. Was going to keep it but going to part with it! #6 Jowo 1.1 stub nib writes great!
  16. T

    Allergic to Alumilite

    I went from a beginner pen turning class, making a non-finished slimline pen in December to stabilizing my own wood, and casting my own blanks by February. I set up my workshop paying rent in the basement of our building and bought all the tools and equipment only to find out I'm allergic to...
  17. I

    Watch part blanks. What am I doing wrong?

    I've bought all my materials for making watch part pen blanks. Including some retro dials to start with. If I ruin those blanks, it's no big deal. Part of the learning process. However, look at the pics. I'm putting them together using a thick CA. Specifically, gorilla glue thick. If you...
  18. JPMcConnel

    Two Kitless Pens in Alumilite

    Alumilite provides a broad range of options you have in colors, colors you can "paint in" when you are making custom pens. I have worked closely with Bob Dupras to design custom alumilite blanks that provide color transitions to make them interesting. Greens and blues are my favorites, with a...
  19. THarvey

    A Few Recent Pens

    A few recent pens from my shop. The Orange & Pearl Cholla and Blue & Pearl Cholla Sierras are two casts from the Alumilite I won during the Birthday Bash. The Sweet Gum Balls Sierra, is cast in clear resin. I reverse panted Metallic Blue. The Sweet Gum Blank came from Bobspenfactory. This...
  20. W

    Need help... with Alumilite...

    Wow... I had planned to do my first casting tonight... but all did not go well...Using Alumilite White and wanted to split into red and blue to dye into white... Followed YouTube video and was planning to add color to 1/3 mix of mixed resin....Drops refused to come out freely... so... you...
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