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  1. Psychmike22

    Some kitless I have been working on

    Hello everyone, I have been playing around with casting and made a few pens to try out some ideas. The black and blue pen came out better than my photography skills. The others I am calling galaxy blanks, involve pouring colors and glitters into clear epoxy for a swirled effect. Feedback is...
  2. Psychmike22

    Galaxy pen

    I have been experimenting with casting and turning larger kitless fountain pens. I’m calling them desk pens as they would look better on a desk than in a pocket. The larger pens allow for more to see in an interesting blank too. I welcome your collective feedback. The blank is alumilite clear...
  3. Psychmike22


    You can never predict when inspiration will strike. The Mrs. made a dessert that got me thinking. This was the result. I casted the blank in Alumilite clear slow, Jowo #6 nib. I transitioned the colors at the section. I need to improve my inside sanding but it’s ok for my first try. I asked her...
  4. Pitchman

    Black Alumilite Blank - Can’t get ride of the scratches!

    Help! A desperate pen turner! LOL I have been turning for a number of years now and just recently decided to make my own blanks as I wanted them tube in. I have turned to Alumilite first as that seems to be a common preference? Here’s my problem…anyone have a real solution? I simply cannot...
  5. RobS

    Mini Review TailoredPenCompany Alumilite Blanks

    I had the pleasure of turning 6 TailoredPenCompany blanks that a customer had requested. I made 3 kitless Xacto knives and 3 Pentel Pencils. All turned smoothly, there were no brittle sections and the pattern was very consistent. Loved them. Will gladly turn more.
  6. RobS

    Autumnal Change, kitless

    The following are Bock and Jowo #6 fountain pens 13mm triple start thread 10x.8 mm section thread Midwesthybrids Blanks: alumilite, glitter and stabilized maple burl inserts and sections in house poured from alumilite CA sealed the glitter Oddie’s Oil sealed the wood after full sanding and...
  7. Crungler

    Finally starting to like the results I’m getting.

    It’s taken me about a gallon total of casting squares of alumilite to get the timing and technique down to the point where I am happy with the blanks I’m getting.
  8. Crungler

    Alumilite pen blanks for sale

    I have a few blanks leftover from recent casts. Asking $8 for each blank plus shipping. Can provide additional pictures and information.
  9. bvcreates

    My first two kitless/bespoke fountain pens

    Just finished up with my first three kitless pens. The first was the prototype so it's not worth showing here but the second and third turned out ok, I think. I made my own alumilite blanks and turned them on my smallish Rikon wood lathe using Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters (they are...
  10. JBidinger

    Whoa! Foamy Blue Clear Slow

    I'm very new to casting blanks but have been around epoxy for a while. Mostly for making scale radio control airplanes. I've never seen this. Alumilite Clear Slow. New bottles so it shouldn't be old since I ordered directly from Alumilite. Mixol pigments I picked up at Rockler. I used the Red...
  11. Racer3770


    Thank you for taking the time to check out our new vendor forum on the IAP! My brother and I started making pens in 2013 after our grandfather wanted to try his hand at working on a lathe. The Pensmiths was born when we started experimenting with our own custom blanks. We specialize in quality...
  12. A

    Introducing my turned helix series blanks!

    Hello everyone, After 3yrs of development and testing, I am ready to let the members know of my signature helix series blanks I produce. I started with the candy cane and then developed the barber pole blank. All the blanks are made with Alumilte over multiple days. Initially these were...
  13. Racer3770

    Alumilite Pour - Abstraction

    Here’s a link to what I’ve been calling “Pen Blank Hype Videos”. It shows a little bit of my process and I find them kind of mesmerizing to watch as the colors layer. Check it out if you get the chance! Abstraction Pen Blank Pour
  14. egnald

    Many New Firsts

    Greetings from Nebraska! This is many new "Firsts" for me. 1) This is my first time posting to the forum. 2) This is the first pen I have made using an "Oil Slick" DiamondCast (TM) blank from McKenzie Penworks. 3) This is the first time I have turned Alumilite. Wow compared with Rhino Plastic...
  15. Master Geppetto

    7" Diameter Hybrid Sphere

    Here is my latest project. Maple burl and Alumilite cast hybrid sphere. Enjoy!
  16. mallinpens

    Cholla Summer

    I really like the way the Cholla cactus pens turn out. I call this one Cholla Summer.
  17. P

    Silmar 41 bonding to Alumilite

    So as most of the guys on the blank making end know, Alumilite doesnt bond to itself very well, or alot of other non-natural materials. However I'm curious if anyone has tried to bond Silmar 41 to Alumilite. I'm contemplating designing Alumilite Blanks that are shaped like "worthless wood" and...
  18. mbroberg

    Ohio Penworks

    Ohio Penworks blanks to fit almost any pen kit. Available Blanks include: Acrylic, Alumilite, Artist's, Colored Wood, Ebonite, Exotic Woods, Hybrid, Juma, Kirinite, Labels, Laser Inlays, M3, Metal Blanks, Rhino Plastic, Spectraply, Stabilized, Stone Composites, Tube In Cast, Wood, Woods With...
  19. M

    How Long Before Cutting?

    I am doing my first block of pen blanks with Alumilite and what is the average time before you guys cut your blanks? The cast works out to cover 4 Slim Lines and 4 Gatsby blanks. I don't want to cut and drill too soon. Thanks in advance for the help.
  20. Darin68

    Stabilize or not stabilize pine cone

    I want to create some pine cone blanks with Alumilite and was wondering if I should stabilize the pine cone or not. I've seen different threads about this, one saying to definitely stabilize and others saying that it isn't necessary. It looks like the ones that say it isn't necessary are putting...
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