alumilite clear

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  1. MRDucks2

    Notes from the pressure pot

    As I sit eating a chicken sandwich on my Dad’s old workbench I noticed the notes on the bottom of the pressure pot from when Chuck (dalecamino) and I were casting. In case you are interested (you mileage may vary): 180 grams Liquid Diamonds = 4 PTownSubbie Sierra molds for 8 Sierra Blanks 100...
  2. VODesign

    Alumilite Glitter Blanks

    Hi! I've been testing out casting some glitter in alumilite clear slow. However, I'm running into the problem where half the glitter sinks to the bottom (see attached photo). Is there any way to fix this? I'm still relatively new to casting but here's the process I followed. Mix equal parts...
  3. ramaroodle

    Help! Epic Alumilite fail

    My first attempt at casting ended up looking like an elementary school volcano experiment. I've read all of the posts I could find about foaming problems etc. I mixed the Alumilite clear by weight added some alumilite blue dye, stirred well and poured into my HDPE molds. Almost immediately it...
  4. budnder

    First Kitless

    Well, it's my first if I don't count a few aborts trying to figure out the process.. :smile: Body is a alumilite water clear with Mica powder swirled in and cast in a PVC tube. Section is Delrin. I filled the divots from turning between centers on each end with red epoxy. Nib is a #5 Jowo...
  5. M

    Alumilite clear polishing

    Ok, I'm desperate! I have made several hybrid pen blanks with worthless wood alumilite clear (with dye added). I have orders for about 10 of these and can not get a good polish on the alumilite. I have found very little on the web, and even called alumilte. They refered me to their FAQs that...
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