Yellow cedar burl and jarrah burl

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Nov 20, 2004
Sequim, Wa, USA.
group 1: jarrah burl Jarrah burl is from Australia and often develops a unique texture when it drys. These blanks have been dry for over 10 years. Perfect for casting or filling with stone. Look at the dense eyes on some of these blanks. The last two groups sold fast, I giving you guys first crack at these guys and if no one wants them I will post on another site. $25

Group 2: 12 rare yellow cedar burl. The blanks are dry ready to turn or stabilize. These are 5/8 blanks but some are 6 inches long. There are some small cracks but nothing a little glue will not fill. $25 that is about $2 for yellow cedar burl.

Sold Group 3: rare yellow cedar burl 1.5 x 6 squares perfect for cutting into blanks, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers. I will even provide the rubber plugs if you want. any 3 for 30 bucks. Or all of them for $50. These are posted elsewhere. Sold


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