Would you buy a simple clip for Schmidt click mech

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How many clips would you buy if priced at $4.50 or less

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Mar 9, 2006
Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA.
Clips are the most frustrating part of making kitless pens. I'd like to make more pens using the Schmidt clicker mechanism, but I don't have the tooling to make my own. Stamping, bending and plating costs will add up.

It depends on price, I know, but price depends on volume. It is difficult to determine one without the other. Let's say $4.50.

I'm thinking of a simple design - a cigar clip with a bit more style. Is this something that you would buy?

How many might you purchase?

A respectful request:

If you do not or will not have a use for this clip, please do not post in this thread. If you have experience with this type of a process, or if you have found such a clip, please PM me directly.
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