Woodturners Worldwide Online Symposium - Pen Demonstrator

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Dec 1, 2006
Aurora, Ill, USA.
I am fortunate enough to have accepted a slot to do a demo at the Woodturners Worldwide Online Symposium on Sept 24, 11:00 AM – Sept 26, 6:00 PM. This looks like a great event. Current demonstrators include Michael Alguire, Mike Mahoney, Rebecca DeGroot, Jeff Hornung, Raleigh Lockhart, Cindy Drozda, Matthew Deighton, Greg Gallegos, Graeme Priddle/Melissa Engler, Harvey Meyer, and Jason Clark. Additional demonstrators will likely be announced.

Registration is open now at Register Here. There is an early bird discount that ends tomorrow. And if you want a deal – use my code “TheArtofPens” and you will get an additional $10 off. This is a great deal for a three-day event.

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I am planning on doing a 90 minute video on “Beginner To Professional in 90 Minutes”. Hope to “see” you there. Any questions – PM me.

I cover:

• Choosing A Blank
o Hardwood
o Softwood
o “Acrylic”
• Drilling
o Drill Bits
o Drilling On The Lathe
o Drilling With A Drill Press
• Using Jigs
• Gluing
o Epoxy
o Super Glue
o Gorilla Glue
• Finishing The Ends
o Pen Mills
o Sanding
o When To Finish The End - Timing
• Tools
o High Speed Steel
o Carbide Tools
• Actual Turning
o Featuring – Easy Wood Tools
o Cutting Sequence
 “Pressure” side to side NOT inward
 Tools (55 Degree)
 Bevel rubbing
 Bevel angle
 Grind
o Rough Cuts
o Round Down
o Work The Ends
• Sanding
o Understand Grits
o Understanding Sandpaper

Wood Pen Enhancing
• Coloring (Demo)
o TransTint
o Dye
• Bleaching (Demo)
o Wenge
o Black Palm
• Stabilizing

The Perfect Finishing Wood
• Using GluBoost

Time Permitting –

Special Techniques For:

• Inlays
• Deer Antler
• Moose Antler
• Buffing and use of wax

Casting - Ideas
• Stamps
• Stickers
• Carbon Fiber
• Snake Skin
• Watch Parts
• Alligator Jaw Bone
• Feathers
• Abalone
• Crushed Penny

Clear Casting Techniques
• Safety Is A Must
• Sample Blanks
• Materials
o Silmar 41 vs. Alumilite
• Using Silmar 41
o Applying Heat
o Pressure
• Molds

Steam Punk Penny Blank
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Jan 31, 2008
Ottawa, Illinois
Congratulations Mark! That is a great line up of demonstrators. Your list of info being covered is very impressive. That’s a lot for just 90 minutes!

I’ve always enjoyed watching your demos. Your knowledgeable and entertaining. When this COVID social distancing thing is over ... remind me to get your autograph!


Aug 18, 2015
Middleburg, FL
That is quite the list of demonstrators and there you are right in the middle of them. Congratulations and good lick with the demo.
I will be watching and listening.
From the looks of the demonstrators there will be more info from here than the AAW virtual symposium.


Dec 1, 2006
Aurora, Ill, USA.
The symposium announced the full line up - looks like a lot of fun and great projects...

Rebecca Degroot: Walking Mushrooms, Skateboard Blanks
Jason Clark: Saturn Bowl, Multi-axis with a Twist
Lyle Jamieson: Hollow Forms The Easy Way
Emiliano Achaval: Calabash Bowl
Seri Robinson: DIY Spalting, Turning Spalted Wood
Harvey Meyer: Two Part Basket weave Illusion
Phil Irons: Colouring to Enhance, Caddy Spoons
Karl Hansen: Threading boxes
Cindy Drozda: Finial Box
Allan Stratton: Hand Turning a Sphere
Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler: Koru Bowl, Ammonite Bowl
Mike Mahoney: Urns - Everything you need to know
Raleigh Lockhart: Birdhouses, Leaf Bowl
Emily Wood Ford: Captive Rings
Aaron Ludwig: Resin Casting
Greg Gallegos: Podlets
Mark Dreyer: Pen turning
Laurent Niclot: Woodburning and Textures
Michael Alguire: Wheel of Delicacy
Pat Scott: Butterfly Stitches, Dinner Plates
Jeff Hornung: Coloring and Metal reactive Paints
Kirk Deheer: Processing wood, Demystifying cuts & catches
Mark Kostner: Casting specialty Pen blanks
Joe Fleming: Airbrushing
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