Who makes custom resin blanks?

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May 27, 2021
Hey guys! I have a question; who here has links to people/places that make custom clear resin/acrylic blanks onto a pattern insert from a design I have? I have some patterned “papers” that I would like to have cast into clear blanks that I can turn them down into Wall Street 2 pens to give to a few friends.

I don’t know anything about resin vs acrylic (or is it all the same??) but I’ve seen lots of custom blanks online made with fabrics and logos, but I want to use a specific patterned paper. I’m looking to have 1 to 3 blanks made and I have no idea what the process is. But I can provide the papers in any type of thickness (from printer paper to cardstock) or I can sent the digital file of the image if it needs to be printed on to vinal or something that the caster needs to use (see, I don’t know what I’m doing! Lol!).

I’ve googled a few places, but you never know what the quality really is unless you get referrals from someone. So, do you guys have any good leads for someone that you recommend?
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