Which one is the meeting?

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Feb 6, 2005
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This just be me, but there is confusion here. I see lots of threads. The real virtual meetings are hidden in terminology. Why Do I need to open each thread to find which one is the meeting and which one is about the meetings?

For instance, in prior discussions, it was mentioned that this next meeting will be about Tutorial. But the "Tutorial Thread" is not THE meeting, it is about the meeting.

"Virtual Gatherings" - What is that? It is a "Zoom Meeting".

"Zoom Meeting" - is not a "Zoom Meeting" but information on a Zoom Meeting.

The confusion is in the fact that nationwide the term "Zoom Meeting" IS the virtual gathering, therefore by using the term "Virtual Gathering", it implies that we are changing the term name that has already been accepted. This will lead to confusion, IMHO.

PART 2: If I had not received the PM from Randy, I would not have seen this. It is WAY down the list. I do know to look for it in Calendar now.

I can do it, but we will have to do a lot of explaining (over and over) to every new person who wants to join - that may already be familiar with Zoom Meetings at work.
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Mar 18, 2008
West Henrietta, NY, USA.
And I thought I was the only one who was confused. I can no longer determine what Threads are information about how to use Zoom Vs threads about what to cover during a zoom meeting vs discussion about a possible zoom meeting (gathering) of a chapter vs thread that contains the info I need to join a zoom meeting.

I've pretty much given up trying to track it on here or participate.

I'll mention this has nothing to do with my ability to use Zoom. I co-host Zoom meetings on a weekly basis for my local club.


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Mar 25, 2005
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Sounds like A solution might be better headlines!! If a person is posting info on the actual meeting, say so in the headline, (LOGIN info, might be appropriate) if your thread is to elicit opinions, like what should be demo'd, say so in the headline--Demo ideas sought!

This forum allows a lot of characters for headlines--let's try to use them to eliminate this problem.


Feb 2, 2006
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Hank and Jim; The "Virtual Gatherings" is a new forum on the IAP site to do with Zoom sessions organized by members. It is not Indexed by search engines so (hopefuly) we don't get Zoom-bombers. I created both a Calendar Entry and a thread in the "Virtual Gatherings" forum. Look for "Invite". Both have the meeting link and either will work to allow you to join the meeting. Just Click on the Link. You must install Zoom on your computer or smart device. There is a short tutorial in the "Virtual Gatherings" that describes what you need to do to install and start using Zoom. It also has a "Cheat Sheet" that shows the layout and controls for Zoom on a Windows PC.

Hope this helps.
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