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Jul 5, 2009
Fort Myers FL
What is the Summer Extravaganza You ask? :confused: Its pen making fun and adventure for members of all Ages! We will have the Youth contests again this year but we have added contests for everyone.
We have added a kitless contest, a kit contest, one for a select ball point kit and one for a slimline.

There will be FUN, Pens will be made, Glory and Bragging rights will be won by few and the Competition will be fierce! :rolleyes:
IF you win Men will respect you, women will swoon as you pass and small children will ingore you totally.:biggrin:
Will there be prizes you ask? See that part about Glory and Bragging Rights.

You must be a member of IAP to enter! If your not a member I will pay the membership fees for you to join!:laugh: If you enter and lose I will reimburse the entry fees!:eek: Sorry but that does not include the cost of the pen only the cost to enter!:confused:

We will be posting our contests and rules shortly. I will post a general rules page that covers all the contests and there will be specific rules within each contest.

Put on your thinking caps and get ready to design that winning pen.
Entries will be accepted August 1st to the 18th and then the choosing of winners will commence.

I look forward to each and everyone of you entering a pen, feel free to post comments and questions as we go!
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