Wanted: Kitless stuff!

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Sep 8, 2020
I have two young kids that I'm keeping home from daycare (while I'm working from home - it's a real challenge) because COVID is running rampant in our city, and turning pens has been a welcome distraction and nice way to get some thinking + making time to myself... not to mention stress relief. It's been fun enough that I figure it's a good time for even more distraction, so why not Kitless pens!

I've only ever turned kit pens on my lathe, so I'm missing a lot of the standard stuff most people would usually have - I don't even have a 3 or 4 jaw chuck. I'd love to get into the kitless game but as you all know it can be pricey! So I'm hoping there might be someone out there either retiring from the hobby or looking to get rid of stuff they don't use any more because they got better/higher quality kit. Things I'm looking for:
- ER32 Collet (lathe is a 1" 8tpi spindle, MT2)
- Metric collet set (I'll probably just buy this)
- MT2 keyed jacobs chuck for the tailstock
- Die Holder
- Tap Holder
- Taps+Dies (purchased a 12+13x0.8-3t and a #5 and #6 Jowo tap)
- Would really love some #5 and #6 Jowo nibs to get started!
- Metric drill set (though I will probably just buy this from Victornet, this like some other things is a tough ask!)
- I guess I probably need materials too! though I have a good collection of wood and hybrid blanks to start with...

And to make things even more challenging, I live in Canada. So it's expensive to get stuff shipped from the US, where all the good stuff resides.
So, if you've got any surplus and you're willing to send it over the border (obviously I will cover the shipping) please let me know!
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