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Dec 1, 2006
Aurora, Ill, USA.
I recently saw a request for a virtual demo from a member here. Clubs all over the place are having challenges bringing in demos with the current social distancing standards. I have received requests to do so and have done numerous virtual demos clubs across the country. I have a blast doing them and am posting here if you are looking for a virtual demo for your club or groups.


I have demoed for the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) in Atlanta and Portland. I was a feature at Turn On! Chicago. Have done numerous demos at the Midwest Penturners Gathering (and am a co-coordinator of that event). Did the GluBoost educational video for Rockler. And demo a lot in the Chicagoland area for local clubs and for Easy Wood Tools.

I also have a series of videos on YouTube. Search “Mark Dreyer 20 Years” or “10 Minutes To Better Penmaking”.

Options for Demos:

Introduction To Pen Turning and Taking The Wooden Pen Up A Notch

All skill levels – Everyone starts with making a traditional wooden pen, but it does not need to end there. The key to the process is challenging yourself to do something new and branch out. We will take wood to a new level.

Part 1:
Topics include the entire process from blank selection or creation, drilling, gluing, turning, finishing, and assembly. We will look at numerous finishing techniques and the challenges of each – from simple buffing to CA and many in between. Working with all the basic tools and jigs used in the process.

Part 2:
Now taking the wood pen to the next steps – coloring, bleaching and segmenting wood. We will discuss the different techniques to make your work standout above the rest.

There are numerous steps to creating the perfect pen. Your tools and techniques are just as important as that perfect kit or piece of wood.

Turning Alternative Materials And Casting

Go beyond the traditional wooden pen to making a pen from almost anything in sight – acrylics, feathers, steam punk, postage stamps, carbon fiber, and antler.

Part 1:
Topics include the entire process from blank selection or creation, drilling, coloring, gluing, turning, finishing, and assembly. Single-tool turning techniques for making the perfect cut on acrylic and not chipping out.

Part 2:
Do-it-yourself casting - the fun and creativity of making your own blanks. From postage stamps, carbon fiber, pictures, worthless wood, to the Steam Punk Mickey Mouse Crushed Penny pen.

From Beginner To Professional in 90 Minutes
This class I take the slightly more advanced topics from the two classes below and give the best of all. Some basic topics are covered to give everyone a level playing field.

If you are interested, feel free to PM me and I can provide you any details. We can also create a custom class. There is a fee and we work out the details based on the amount of time. Everything is open.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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