Vintage Casein, Acetate, Ebonite (?) for sale

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May 16, 2019
Hi all,

Need to unload a few blanks to cover a recent purchase of some different blanks. (So it goes...) Shipping is $7 for USPS priority. If you are good with regular old first class, I'll cover the postage. Let me know. If you are interested, please message me with your email and shipping preference. I'll send you a paypal invoice and ship to the address you specify when you pay the invoice.

From left to right of the attached photo:

1. Caramel Twist Vintage Cellulose Acetate - This is the stuff from the 1930s-1940s recovered from the defunct factory in Le Mans, France. Outer diameter is 10.25mm, inner diameter is about 7.3 mm. Blank is 130mm (about 5 1/4 in) long. 1 available. $9

2. I think this is a red/black swirl ebonite, although it could be cellulose acetate, too--I'm not entirely sure. It looks like ebonite to me. This is also of a 1930s-1940s vintage, recovered from the LeMans factory. Outer diameter is about 14mm, inner is 9.4mm. Length is 130mm (about 5/14 in) long. 2 available, $8 each.

3. "Old" casein - Not sure exactly when this dates to, but I was told it was "old" when I bought it. The material is black, with a purple marble veined throughout. I'd say 50/50 split between the purple and the black. This rod is solid. Diameter is 13.9mm and it's 8.5 in in length. 3 available, $9 each.

4. "Old" casein - Again, not sure exactly when this dates to but I'm told it is "old." This has a very unique, red wave pattern. I've seen this in white, but not in the reddish/maroon of these blanks. These, too, are solid rods. Diameter is about 12.3mm and they are 7 5/8 in long. 5 available, $13 each.


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