Vintage blue cellulose

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May 17, 2015
Louisville, KY
I have a bunch of large blue vintage cellulose acetate tubes, which aren't usable for the normal size pens I make, so I figured I should try to use some of them. I designed this pen around a bock 380 nib (#8 size). This pen has 13mm cap threads, which is still on the narrower side for a #8 nib, but I wanted to be able to use the vintage material for the cap too, so the barrel needed to be as slim as possible. Due to being tubes, I had to use black acrylic as finials. The cap finial just has a small plug of acrylic, but the barrel needed a long acrylic finial, otherwise the taper would have cut through the cellulose tube. Trim is argentium silver. Over all length is about 5.25".
Here is a video as well.
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Oh, that's SO NICE !!!! . . The brilliant blue !!!! . . Thanks for showing !!!!

I love it !!!! . . Thanks for stating the construction details .
Really nice! And that's pretty thick for that stuff if you were able to cut 13mm threads and still use the material for the cap!
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