Vendor appreciation - Berea Hardwoods

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Dec 10, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Berea Hardwoods doesn't seem to get direct recognition on this forum very often, but I feel that their customer service has always been high in my books and worth sharing.

I've been using a satin nickel roundtop fountain pen on a daily basis. I had purchased the kit directly from Berea, not a re-seller. Early on, the plastic section broke off at the threads, and I replaced it with a new one with gold trim which I had ordered from a Berea distibutor. That section has been working fine for me, including the "kit" nib that came with it, until recently. It started leaking around the metal band on the section, not from the end where the feed and nib are inserted. I contacted Berea's customer service, explained that the original section had been replaced with one from a distributor, and I wanted to buy a replacement from Berea for a new section with Satin Nickel trim, a replacement part that their distributor did not carry. Berea asked for my address, and had a complimentary section with satin nickel trim (with feed and nib) mailed to me and in my hands with 3 days.

I have always had good luck dealing directly with Berea, and will continue to order from them directly. I couldn't have asked for better customer service. Thank you Berea Hardwoods.
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