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Sep 24, 2006
Tellico Plains, Tennessee, USA.
I had a few strips of woods cut offs from cutting some mill blanks... glued them all together and turned out 3 nice new pepper mills.
The Crank operated ones are about 6" tall, the other is 10 1/2" tall. Don't remember all the woods used, but pleased with what came out.

344147 (1).JPG
344147 (2).JPG

This one I remember, Holly, Jatoba, Kosso.

344148 (1).JPG
344148 (3).JPG
344148 (4).JPG
344148 (5).JPG

This one has Hackberry, Greenheart poplar, Wenge, Tigerello (I'm pretty sure of the last too...not certain though)

344149 (1).JPG
This one has a number of stick glued together and not sure of all of them.. I'm pretty sure of a few, Marblewood, Spalted beech, Black Limba, Jatoba, maybe a strip of maple, plus others not noted... I forgot to list them when I put the blank together.
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