Using slow-speed blank drying system

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Jan 19, 2016
Van Meter, Iowa
For Christmas I received a PSI slow-speed blank drying system from my daughter. Up to now I've used a fast-drying finishes like Mylands or Aussie Oil. Not wanting to disappoint her, I want to show her when she comes home in two weeks how I've put it to use and teach her to use it as well. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I looked for a YouTube video but was unable to find anything relevant. Thanks!

mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
I use a slow speed system that I was gifted from Bruce Robbins (similar to the PSI one). I use it for wipe on polyurethane finishes. I have also incorporated it with a lamp in a box that increases the temperature, and keeps shop dust from adhering on the blank while it is tacky.

The drying system will keeps the coats uniform, the lamp speeds the drying.

Without this system, my time between coats was 3-5 hrs. With this system it is 1 hr. I do not sand between coats, which may help.

Finishes is not a strong element in my penturning, so be mindful to explore what works for you, and others will give their opinion.



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Feb 6, 2005
Tunica, MS,
Do you use mandrels?

It is like a mandrel, only it is mounted on one end. Put the blanks on, add finish or CA to the blank as you would if it were on a lathe and turn it on. It will turn slowly to keep the finish even as it dries.

Go to this site and off to the right you will see two smaller picts. Click on the smaller pict and it shows the set-up, which is like a mandrel set up.

Bob in SF

Feb 15, 2016
San Francisco
Marlen - the slow-speed blank drying system has all sorts of uses whether it is running forwards or in reverse or alternating - drying, taping for painting including hand and airbrushing, coating with CA followed by sprinkled-on mica or other additives, use of alcohol inks followed by clear coating before tube-in casting; up-end it and clamp it to your bench to do vertical work including dripping of various colors, UV light curing of UV resin...the list goes on. Have fun!

Tiny example from one of my earlier posts:

Warm regards - Bob
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