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Feb 25, 2010
webberville, mi
A short while ago I posted that I was going to be doing my first casting and I asked for recommendations on a couple things. I was especially looking forward to doing some "worthless wood" blanks. Thanks to all who responded! Lots of great information

Armed with that wealth of knowledge (and after watching a thousand YouTube videos), I rushed, headlong into the wonderful world of casting. My results are below. Not exactly what I'm looking for, but enough fun here that I'm going to keep going.

Here's my first casting of "worthless wood". Kind of a surprise. I think maybe the mix was a bit off. :eek:

Then I tried this one. It turned out a bit better. It's Alumilite resin and some poplar chunks I had laying around (worthless). I mixed up the Alumilite in 2 batches, a "clear" with some color and an opaque and poured them together. The effect turned out good IMHO. I especially like keeping the bark on but that requires extra work to keep it from blowing up during turning or being easily sanded out of existance. DAMHIKT

Since the Clicker turned out ok, I changed colors and tried it on a Vertex in blue. Again, not too shabby IMHO. The green Vertex is from the previous pour but didn't show the resin very well - shouldn't have put it on the back side but I was hiding an imperfection with the clip.

So I have a question - I view a LOT of YouTube videos and all the casting ones I watched show the casters weighing out the Alumilite resin. But the instructions on my Alumilite p say it's supposed to be done by volume. I checked and they are NOT the same density (equal volumes have different weights). I used the starter kit from Hobby Lobby (Amazing Clear Cast). Are there diffeences?

Thanks for looking - more soon, I hope
Comments and criticisms welcome -


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Feb 5, 2006
Brownfield, Alberta, Canada.
Alumilite Clear cast is an epoxy , Alumilite clear is a polyurethane . Suggest going to their website and reading up about them . Clear cast is mixed by volume , clear by weight . Important to do them correctly , in most cases .

I also like to keep some of the bark on poplar and some other woods . Takes some CA , but usually looks good .
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Aug 18, 2015
Middleburg, FL
As was said above, go to their website and look at Alumilite clear ( about a 7 minute work time) and clear slow (about 15 minute work time). For doing worthless wood I would recommend clear slow as well as for larger pours (to prevent cracks in large pours) just be sure to use a good scale and the wood is dry.
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