Universal Contest Rules

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1. “To participate in this or any other IAP activity your public profile must contain your real first and last name.
Please be advised that information contained in the public profile is not viewable by non-members of the IAP.

2. Members who have failed to successfully complete any previous IAP activities, and who have been notified by the Activities Manager of such, are not eligible to participate in any additional IAP activities."

Pen Contests

1. Any pen entered into an IAP contest may not have been shown publically prior to the beginning of the contest.

2. Any pen entered in an IAP contest may not be shown publically, except on the IAP for voting or other legitimate purpose related to the contest, prior to the conclusion of the contest.

3. Contest pens must be completed solely by the member entering the pen in the contest unless the contest rules specifically state that the creation of the pen may or must be a joint effort between two or more members.

4. Blanks need not be made by the person entering the contest unless the contest rules specify that the blank must be made solely by the person entering the contest.

5. Components need not be made by the person entering the contest unless the contest rules specify that the components must be made by the person entering the contest.

6. Entrants may enlist the assistance of a mentor to demonstrate proper techniques such as tool usage and safety. All demonstrations of said techniques will be done on a separate blank or other piece of material. The work done on the pen being entered by the member is to be done by the member

Photo Guidelines

1. Photos will be submitted in the JPEG or JPG format.

2. With the exception of the photo contests, photos of the pen to be entered do not have to be taken by the person entering the pen.


1. Entry into each IAP contest will be submitted through the link provided within each Contest's Rules.

2. Entry into BASH contests not requiring an entry form "Trivia, Wood ID, Puzzles, Match the Shop, etc." will be done via an email and will include the entrants IAP screen name, real first and last name, mailing address and email address.


1. Voting will be done via polls of the membership.

2. When possible, vote tallies will be kept hidden until the poll closes.

3. Members will be allowed to vote for as many of the entries as they are instructed to in the poll quidelines.

4. All polls will be open for no more than 72 hours.

5. In contests with 1 – 10 entries a single poll will be conducted to determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd and if necessary, 4th place winners.

6. In contests with 11 – 20 entries two polls will be conducted. The ten entries with the most amount of votes in the first poll will compete in the second poll to determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd and if necessary 4th place winners. In the event of a tie in the top ten positions in the first poll all pens up to the 10th most number of votes will be included in the second poll.

7. In contests with over 20 entries additional polls will be conducted as necessary to determine the final poll of 10 entries.
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