Ultra-Shear Mandrel

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Paul in OKC

Jul 26, 2004
Oklahoma City, OK, USA.
Jim, I remember a few months ago that you wrote you didn't want to have to learn anything new. Did you change your mind? 😁 There is a more accurate way, and much more simple with less complications. It's not that one has to learn anything new, it is that one just needs to "unlearn" complicated things. ;)

If you do not want to use a mandrel saver type of live center in the tail stock, here is a Whiteside that does NOT use that type of tail stock:

Whiteside makes top of the line router bits. Their machining is excellent.
I am a regular mandrel guy for most of my turning, have been for 20+ years. Some between centers. I like the idea of this more than anything I have seen, myself, to be able to shorten the mandrel when needed. I like the live center, and still do not believe that 'misaligned' tailstock (minor misalignment) causes issues. Someone mentioned above about the ends being square, I think this gives more trouble than we think for many.
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