Two good sales at Woodturningz

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Jan 24, 2005
North Wales, PA
For those who don't get the Woodturningz E-mails, I thought I'd call attention to two sales they are having this week. The first is their sale on MicroMesh, and the second is their sale on Bethlehem Olive Wood. For MicroMesh, you can get the entire 9-piece kit for only $6.95, but the catch is that you have to buy ten (10) pen kits and ten (10) blanks. However, as I mentioned, they are also having a sale on BOW blanks - $2.50 each if you order 10 or more. So, you can (I think) take advantage of the BOW sale, get a pack of MicroMesh, and and buy ten slimline kits, all for under $50 (not including shipping), or about $5 per pen. For some of the newer members, this can be a heck of a deal, although I don't know that I'd "waste" a BOW blank on a slimline, but that's just my opinion. You can, obviously, go with one of their less expensive woods, too, and really drop the price - they have a nice selection at under $1 per blank that would make a good starter kit, and bring the total cost down to under $35.

I have no affiliation with Woodturningz, nor have I been asked to post this. Even though I have enough MicroMesh from the group buy, I still may take advantage of this!
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