Turning Ebonite

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IAP Activities Manager, Emeritus
Mar 9, 2009
Columbus, OH
I am going to turn some ebonite within the next week. I turned the ends of some rods tonight just to see which one I wanted to turn into a pen. I discovered two things. It stinks, :eek: and it turns off as a fine powder. :curse:

Does anyone have any advice for me? I'd like to know if I tap ebonite will it hold a thread. Also, is there anything I should know about finishing it? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Keep your tool sharpening setup on standby. When I turned the ebonite pen for my wife, I used a skew and had to go back to the grinder every third or fourth pass! I was also able to get ribbons from using the skew. You're absolutely right, it does stink. I don't have first hand experience with threading it, but I've read that it takes threads quite well. As for a finish...some will say use lacquer, but others will say to just polish it as it is. I opted for just polishing it. My wife uses her pen fairly regularly, and it still looks good, but the choice is yours. Hope this helps!
It drilled hard for me, but turned nice, (ribbons). I just polished it up on the beall buff. It felt very smooth, so smooth that you didn`t want to put it down. As the days went by it got darker and looked very sleek. Then it cracked. I will try again at a later time, when i think the stock i have will be drier. Carl
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