Troubles with downloading tutorials

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Dec 14, 2006
East Troy, Wisconsin, USA.
I've had a few members that have had problems getting tutorials.
  • From the Library Index/Menu - the link to the tutorial is an intermediate step before actually downloading the file.
  • After selecting the link and getting to the tutorial page, you're almost there.
  • On that page you'll see an image related to the tutorial and there is also a tab named "Go to download" on computers or "download" on most phones.
  • You must select the tab before you get the actual file.
  • Doing this will begin the download to your device.
You can also display the tutorials that are pdf in your browser.
I've found an article and placed it in the library explaining how.
This article is in the Index/Menu References tab. Labeled "Viewing Pdfs in a browser".

Do you have any other concerns, questions or thoughts about the library? If so, Please let me know.
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Nov 21, 2018
Rockford, IL
I would like the option of viewing the pdf in the browser before downloading it. If I were to link a pdf in this message it would open in a new browser tab. I appreciate the hard work Wayne!
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