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Mar 17, 2010
Lyn, Ontario, Canada
Here is a preview of the Biggest, Boldest and Best contest of the year.
The official contest rules, with prize list, will be coming soon, but this will let you get a start. More time means more creativity. But remember, don’t let your entries be seen before the contest.


Once again it’s my honour to host the 17th Birthday Bash

Kitless Contest

In addition to the rules laid out here, all IAP “Universal Contest Rules” apply. You can find them and read them Here.
Just to clarify, entries cannot simultaneously appear in other contests.

The Kitless contest, is here to push your abilities to the edge. The spirit of the contest is to leave the restrictions of purchased parts behind and break open your creativity.

Your kitless entry may be any style writing implement. Fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil……etc. That is for you to decide.

There are no restrictions on tools or techniques or raw materials. Everything is allowed as long as you are the one doing the work. Even CNC and 3D printing is permitted, as long as you are the one who created the drawing, the files and the code to create the part. Any material or blank may be used as long as you identify where it came from. In other words, you can use a custom poured pen blank, as long as you identify who it came from.

You are encouraged to make as many of the parts for your entry as possible. It is understood, that some parts, require such specialized skills and machinery, that it is only practical to purchase them commercially. These include the following

  • Fountain pen triplet (nib, feed and housing)
  • Ball point twist or click mechanism.
  • Fountain pen converters, sacs or pressure bars.
  • Ballpoint and Rollerball refills
  • Metal tubing
  • Any required springs

Although I strongly urge everyone to try making there own, I have decided to allow commercial clips to be used.

Only if you really have to.
However, you should identify it as a commercial clip.

All other components must be produced by you. No parts, other than those listed above, may cannibalized from either pen kits or commercial pens.

At the time of voting, it will be highly stressed, that your entries be judged based on
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Fit and Finish
  • And of course, looks. We all like a pretty pen!
All entries must be new creations. This means, that they have never been displayed, discussed or previewed in any forum, social media or exposition. If you have any questions or doubt about your entries qualification, please feel free to contact me.

To Enter:

Submit your entry by email to: "Kitless@penturners.org" and include the following with your entry:

  • Name, IAP Username, email address,
  • A short statement that clearly explains what YOU did to make the pen. Any special features should be explained to ensure they don't get overlooked by the voters. Also identify any parts and materials not created by you such as custom pen blanks.
  • 3 pictures of your pen
    • Consider a photograph size of 800 x 600 as ideal. The contest chair reserves the right to resize photographs or slightly crop them to achieve a consistent image size.
    • You may use a, commercially available, clear plastic pen stand as a prop.
    • No other props are allowed.
    • Use a single-colored, plain background. The color and intensity of the background affects the highlights of your pen. The background should let your pen stand out, not interfere with it.
    • No montages, watermarks, or any other identifying marks that might reveal the identity of the maker.
Contest entries will be accepted beginning on February 1, 2021 and will be open until Wednesday 17th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Entries will be limited to a maximum of 2 per member.
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