The Zeta Pen Kit

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Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Has anyone experience with the Zeta pen kit from Taylors Mirfield (UK) ?

I bought some of these kits, at what I thought was a good price.

I also thought they would be a drop-in replacement for the CSUSA Aero kit (which is actually a Dayacom kit).

Turns out they aren't.

The blanks I had previously turned and trimmed to length to fit the Aero are too long by about 0.040" for the Zeta. . Also the Zeta tube ID is just a shade too large, because the fit of the blanks (with previously glued-in tubes) is loose, and glue will therefore be required instead of press fit.

Of course, there is no mandate to say that look-alike pen kits have to be accurately identical. . This is a free world, after all, and it is strictly buyer-beware in the pen kit market.

I can live with all this, but just wondered if anyone else has had this experience with the Zeta. . Replies will be appreciated from everwhere, including UK !
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