The PSI Dog Click Pen Kit #PKDOGXX - An Assembly Tip

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Feb 2, 2011
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
The fairly new PSI Dog Click Pen Kit, #PKDOGXX, has been the subject of a couple of recent questions on IAP.

One of the great things about PSI pen kits is the accompanying instruction sheet for each kit, which is available both online and in the paper form kindly supplied with each kit purchased.

For this particular kit, on Diagram A of the instruction sheet, there are two circled assembly tips. . The fact that they are circled must mean that they are important and intended to be taken seriously

One of these tips reads: "Make sure this section is fully tightened".

OK, so being the serious person that I am, I inspected this part and sure enough it needed tightening.
But it is very hard to get your fingers on it and tighten it as it is a smooth, slippery white plastic.
Gripping it with fingers is made more difficult by the presence of the pen's clip pre-assembled to the top-end hardware.

So, I put my thinking cap on and measured the diameter of this part, which turns out to be 0.315" at its widest.

I keep a variety of potentially useful stuff ... things that no penmaker worth his ink would be without.

One item is a 5-inch length of brass tube with an ID of 0.314". . A light went on in my head.

Sure enough, this brass tube is a very snug fit on the pen part in question, so I slipped it on kinda forcibly.
And, yessiree, it helped me accomplish the "Make sure this section is fully tightened" advice in the instructions.

This brass tube is the unusual size (for penmaking) of 11/32" OD and I had purchased a length of it from a hobby store.
It's original source is from K&S Precision Metals and many hobby stores carry this product line.
The complete specification is ... Stock #1152, 11/32" x .014" (the latter number is this tube's wall thickness).

I hope this bit of knowledge might be helpful to some other IAP member.

Another useful feature of this particular piece of K&S brass tubing is that it just goes inside the "nominal" 3/8" brass tube used in the pen's construction. When I say "just" I mean it. . It is a tight fit but it does slide in with a little effort.
So, if you have partially assembled your Dog Pen Kit, and you have pressed on the top piece of hardware including the click mechanism, then you can slide in the K&S tube and still do the tightening at this stage, provided that you have not yet already pressed on the nib end of the hardware.

Now, if somebody can tell me how to non-destructively disassemble a completed Dog Pen Kit, please let me know !
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