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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
Now that the IAP Estate Blank Fundraiser has been completed, I will begin to devote more time to two other projects within IAP: (1) The IAP Collection, and (2) IAP's assistance with the Woodturning programs for folks with Visual Impairments.

I have neglected to put much effort into The IAP Collection for quite some time, so this is a revised thread from 2016. It will be used as a background overview for folks who are not familiar with the IAP Collection.

I will be posting weekly reminders of the pens in the Collection for those unfamiliar with this project. I will also be working on a new photo album for the pen displays which will include background information of many of the pens.

Start Here: The IAP Collection

1. The IAP Collection is a PHYSICAL Collection of pens from IAP members, assembled explicitly for public display. Initiated in the summer of 2014, it was introduced to the IAP members in January 2015.

With so much of our daily lives going digital, including participation within IAP's Forum, we as pen turners simply appreciate being able to hold, feel and see in our own hands the artistry of others... Pictures are nice, but to actually hold a pen from Greece, a material unfamiliar to us, a technique displayed that we want to try; well, this is special.

2. A group of pens were assembled to "jump-start" the collection, which included several categories of IAP members (i.e., Master artists; blank makers; historical, etc...)

3. The IAP Collection from DAY ONE, was to be (and now is) the property of IAP. A notarized "Gift Deed" has been finalized to insure that all holdings in the IAP Collection, past and future, will belong to IAP.

4. As of today (12/12/2019) there are now 58 pens in the IAP Collection.

5. The IAP Collection has been displayed at large Woodturning Meetings, Regional Penturning Gatherings, State IAP Chapter Meetings and small local gathering of 2-6 IAP members.

While I am admittedly biased, my firsthand impression is that folks who have viewed the IAP Collection "IN PERSON" are sincerely impressed at the breadth and scope of this small beginning. There is a wide variety of styles, materials, techniques and skills represented; to say nothing of the world-wide representation (Israel, Greece, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, USA). The "International" of IAP is well displayed.

6. After the "jump-start" was initiated (there may be a few more pens added from the initial invitees), subsequent additions have come from: 1) Optional BASH Contests donations; 2) Showings at Chapter Meetings where the local Chapter has the OPTION (not requirement) to have a "Best of show" contest to donate a pen; and Regional IAP Gatherings (MPG, MAPG, FLGAPG). The option is also open for special additions through direct commissions, Auctions, Sales, etc as they are available.

Any and all comments, suggestions and thoughts pertaining to the IAP Collection is openly welcomed publicly in this thread, or privately through a PM to me (mark james) as long as I am the current caretaker.

Here are a few to enjoy.


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Nov 16, 2011
Sterling, VA USA
Mark, Thanks for all your efforts in compiling, chronicling and showing The IAP Collection. I saw it in its early days several years ago.....hoping to see it in person again.
Let me know when your travels bring you to Northern Virginia again. Perhaps we can schedule several local club showings.
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