The 15th Anniversary Mugs have arrived

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Aug 5, 2013
Sydney. NSW. Australia
Oh Joy, Put the Coffee On.

My Order has been Processed, and I am advised that it is about to be Dispatched.
I will have to wait, while it flaps it's wings across the Pacific.
Congratulation and Thanks to Jeff and Those who processed the Order so Promptly.:highfive:
Greatly Appreciated.
Now it is All up to USPS and Australia Post. :eek:
Brian, I packed yours a couple hours ago and it's in the car with about 50 others for drop off at the post office tomorrow. Thanks (to you and all our friends outside the US) for enduring the shipping cost.
My Coffee Mug has just been delivered, I had quite a struggle opening the Postage Box, it was so well packaged.

For most of my Working Life I have been in Logistics Management, within the Automotive Industry, and Large International Heavy Equipment Manufacturers, and Suppliers.

The Packaging used for my Anniversary Coffee Mug, was possibly the best Packaging, for Economy, and Safe Transport I have seen.

The Fact that it Survived USPS and Australia Post, is Testimony enough, on the Quality of the Packaging.

Well, I have spent so much time Looking, Showing and Talking about my Anniversary Mug, that now I really need my mug of Coffee.

Jeff, also thank you for the kind note on the Invoice.
It was greatly appreciated and received.
Also thank you, for the Work that you continue to put into the IAP, you have an Excellent and Competent group of Members in Important Positions, that ensures a Well Run, Informative and Respected Organisation.

Greatly Appreciated,
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