Thank you Rick!

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Apr 30, 2009
Northern Illinois
I had to jump in and say, Rick is One of the Good ones!
I had bought a set of his tool rests a few year back, sold my lathe and thought I kept them, (hint, I thought wrong), So I reached out for a current price, My new lathe that I bought came with a bad bad facsimile of a home made rest, through out yesterday we went back and fourth to make sure I got the right size for this Nova, and I paypal'd him late last night,

He mentioned he would start on it today sometime, By 9AM I had a message he went to the shop early and got it knocked out and its already shipped! Will have it in my hand Monday!

Just had to say, this is why this group by and large (the turning community) is the best, its people like Rick!
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