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Feb 22, 2005
I have not seen any postings in this forum since we had our big move so thought I would try reposting my 2019 Bash entries for Pen Box and Pen Stand with the write-up I had. Again I know you all seen these but just testing.

Thought I would post my entries for this year here to archieve with a little write-up about them.

My pen box this year was based on the IAP theme. It is constructed in a diamond shape with birdseye maple and blue acrylic strips. The logo on the lid is cut with a scrollsaw from thin blue, black, and white acrylic and inlaid in the lid. In side the box the pen holder was tapered and shaped and then flocked with a med. blue flocking material as well as the underside of the lid. It can accommodate any size pen. The lid is a friction fit, lift off design. The box was finished with 10 coats of clear gloss lacquer. A sure keepsake for that special pen. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.

My 2019 pen stand entry was also based on the IAP theme. It was constructed from curly maple and black acrylic strips for accents. A clock insert was added along with a base that is filled with blue coral acrylic pieces and encased with Liquid Diamonds casting resin. It was hard to photograph but if looking down on the top of this you see the nice design the pieces make as I also tinted the resin a translucent blue. On top of this sits the pen holders in the shape of a fountain pen nib, made from polished brass and maple. It too can hold any size pen. The background of the clock holder was cut out using a scrollsaw and then back painted black. The entire stnd was finished with 10 coats of clear gloss lacquer. Another fun project and hope you like it.

Just want to also take a second and say this is my last entry into this contest and hopefully I have provided a few likes of my projects over the years. I thank all that voted for me in this year and pasts and to those who donated the prizes. I hope the contest continues with many new talented projects. Always love looking at a good hand made pen box/ stand.:):):)


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