Tablet Stylus Kits and Revolver Pen Kits

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Mar 25, 2019
I over-ordered some tablet stylus kits last year for a project. I also received the below revolver kits for free from my local Woodcraft store as samples. They currently sell for $17.98 each, and I don’t plan on making them. If you buy my extra tablet stylus kits, I will throw in the 8 revolver kits and new bushings for the revolver kits for free. The stylus kits use typical 7mm slimline bushings and will not be included. I do have some extra stylus tips for the stylus kits that I will throw in.

8 sets of PSI stylus kit – Gun Metal

8 sets of Woodriver Revolver Pen Kit from Woodcraft. Bushings included. 2 x aluminum, 2 x matte black, 2 x satin nickel, 2 x gunmetal.

$48 shipped tomorrow in USPS Priority SFRB. I am also open to trades on this— wood, segmenting materials, etc.
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