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Mar 10, 2012
Danville, Pa
My wife sat and listened to Jeff's video on how to "uplaod full size pictures into a post"

Again, I don't know how to incorporate this in the tutorial section.
It would be nice if the article and Jeff's video can be the same in one

These are Jeff's words:

Tutorial to upload full-size pictures into a post Video

I want to show you how to display full-size images instead of thumbnails when you upload pictures to a post. So, the first thing we need to do is upload a couple of pictures. I’ve already got the posting window loaded with some text that I want to intersperse the pictures around.

So, one the photos are uploaded, as you are probably aware, if we did nothing else at this point, we would have the post and two thumbnails at the bottom.

Well, we can instead of displaying these two thumbnails, display the full-size images inside the post. If you want to move the two thumbnails around inside the post, I have posted another video that shows you how to do that.

The FIRST thing we need to do is get the URL’s for those attachments so that we can use the inside the image tags. So, let’s bring up this window again, this is the “manage attachments window”. You get there by clicking on the ‘paperclip’. Here are the two files that are attached right here and each of these are linked.

So, we can capture the URL for these if we simply “right click” and pick ‘copy link location’. Then we can go back to the post, click where you’d like the photo to appear, click the insert image icon, post that URL that we just copied, into this box and click ‘ok’.

Now, if you preview the post, what you’ll see is the full-size image that you’ve uploaded and attached, there in the post where you want it. Now there is a little bit of idiosyncrasy with this part of the forum software and that is, until you actually make the post, the thumbnail is still attached at the bottom. If you remember from the other video where we moved the thumbnails around, as soon as you moved the thumbnail up into the post, it disappeared from the bottom. Well, that doesn’t exactly happen in this case, so you will have to tolerate them sitting down there until you actually make the post, I’ll show you that in a moment, and then they’ll disappear.

So let’s put that other one up there. Again, click the “attachment manager”, manage attachments. I don’t know why that thing doesn’t want to come up the first time. Come down here to the attachments that we’ve loaded. Right click on the second one here, “copy link location”. We’ll go back to the post and put the cursor where you want the image to appear. Click the ‘insert image icon’, paste that URL into the box and click “ok” and there it is.

Now, let’s preview this and you’ll see both of these images as well as the two thumbnails
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