Stabilized "SAMPLER" Sets!... Maple Burl, Buckeye Burl, Curly Maple, Spalted Maple

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Apr 13, 2005
Hello Friends,

Last week I had a customer ask if I would sell a set with one or two pieces of each kind or color. A "SAMPLER SET" of stabilized wood. That way you don't have to buy 5 or 10 of one color. Well.... I figured others might be interested- So here are some fun sets:

They Each have 12 Blanks. $52.50 for each set. Shipping is 7.50 for sfrb. Total is $60 per set with Shipping!!!!!

Sets 1-4 have-
5 Maple Burl
2 Spalted Maple
2 Buckeye Burl
3 Curly Maple

Set 5 and 6 have-
7 Maple Burl
5 Curly Maple

Set 7 and 8 have-
12 Maple Burl, (6 sets of 2)

Set 9-
8 Maple Burl
4 Buckeye Burl

Set 10-
12 Curly Maple

Let Me know what you want, Pictures are in order!



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